Next Step in Mass Hysteria: TV Land Stops Dukes of Hazzard Reruns

Dukes of Hazzard is suddenly unfit to broadcast. The stupidity and moral panic is bottomless.

It just keeps getting worse.

A horrible, psychotic racist walked into a Bible study and, after being confronted, opened fire with a handgun and killed nine people.

The proper response is to blame the shooter, try him for multiple murders, convict him, and punish him. The more swiftly you do these things, the more likely a lesson will be learned in society that you had better not lose your mind to hate and bloodthirst.

Our society is in a self-destructive rage where the most basic lesson—don’t kill and killers deserve to be punished—is being drowned out by fear of a pattern of colors and shapes.

You can’t satirize what is going on. It is too pathetic and unbelievable.

Already, as I’ve posted earlier, Warner Brothers has stopped allowing the sale of toys base in the General Lee car of the TV show, The Dukes of Hazzard. The show was always safely politically correct, not least in the way it portrayed Southerners. I’m not a fan and have no wish to recommend the TV show to anyone. In general, most of us would do well to watch less TV anyway.

But no one is committing a thoughtcrime by watching that show. And they are certainly not turning a blind eye to racism. No matter what the true history of the flag might be, it is waved and valued by many non-racists. That is just the way it is. It may be ignorant or offensive, but doing a show about Southern “good old boys” made the Confederate battle flag a necessary prop.

And now we get this story from CNN Wires: “‘Dukes of Hazzard’ episodes pulled from TV Land.”

Bo and Luke Duke are no longer flying through Hazzard County on TV Land.

The network has pulled episodes of “The Dukes of Hazzard” from its schedule, a spokesperson for TV Land confirmed on Wednesday.

The network would not comment further on whether reruns of the series were pulled due to its inclusion of a 1969 Dodge Charger known as the “General Lee” which has the Confederate battle flag painted on its roof.

In the wake of the murders at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina, the flag has become a major point of contention.

That flag inspired nothing. It was the ideas and hatreds that the killer nourished, that no one approves of or tolerates, that inspired him. Everyone knows that the protagonists of Dukes of Hazzard were actively anti-racist, and non-homicidal too.

The fact that the flag has even come up is disrespectful of the crime that was committed. It is worthy of debate whether a flag that offends so many people in a state should be flown on government property. But censoring a TV show is just stupid. And doing anything to imply that the flag is only valued by racists or bigots is obvious misinformation designed to spread bigotry against people who are innocent of any wrongdoing.

People are using a murder spree to spread blame to others who had nothing to do with it and who despise such deeds against anyone of any race. Even if the flag is offensive, using the dead to spread hate against the offenders is far worse.

Stop the stupidity. Separate the murders from the discussion of the Confederate battle flag on public property. And leave the Dukes of Hazzard out of the picture.