In NJ, Second Amendment Doesn’t Even Cover a Musket!

The police can arrest you and throw you in prison for a decade for having an unloaded musket in your car.

Declaration of Independence with Gun

Remember back when Piers Morgan was making a fool of himself by claiming the Second Amendment only applied to muskets? It turns out that Morgan was far too permissive! According to New Jersey’s law (or the prosecutor’s and cops’ interpretation of the law), not even flintlocks in use back when the Second Amendment was actually written are covered by the Second Amendment. A seventy-two-year-old retired teacher is being threatened with a decade in prison because he had an unloaded, antique flintlock.

Do the math. For a seventy-two-year-old, a decade in a cage is almost certainly a death sentence. The animals who run New Jersey—the beasts posing as law enforcement, as prosecutors, as legislators—are that disgusting and bloodthirsty.

You can find the story several places. Here is how the Blaze’s report begins:

He had an unloaded antique 300-year-old flintlock pistol in his glove compartment, and he told a sheriff’s deputy about it.

That was his undoing.

Gordon van Gilder admits he may have run afoul of the law — but, “as a wise man once said, if that’s the law, the law is an ass.”

The retired teacher is facing a possible 10 years in prison — and the jeopardization of his pension — all because New Jersey state law classifies antique firearms the same way it classifies regular guns, meaning the state views van Gilder’s possession of an antique on par with him possessing a .44 Magnum.

The day after van Gilder told a deputy during a routine traffic stop about his antique gun, four law enforcement officers showed up at his house to arrest him.

So this man is being threatened with effectively life in prison or a deal that involves the robbery of his pension. And there is no sign among anyone with authority in the state government that they have any twinge of conscience over what they are doing.

The willingness to do this to an innocent man represents a far greater threat to society than an unloaded flintlock that was intended as nothing more than to be part of a collection of antique artifacts. The cops who made the arrest and the prosecutor and perhaps many of the legislators are the ones who need to be re-educated through a decade in captivity!