No Charges for Gov Worker for Lost Drone at White House

A Federal employee will not be charged for his lost drone that crashed at the Obama’s residence.



Back when the story first broke of a Federal employee losing control of a drone, Bob Allen posted about it:

I love how the article mentions the laws this man broke, but he remains unidentified. And they say it’s apparently unlikely he will be prosecuted. Anyone want to guess what would happen to me, if I did the exact same thing?

Some animals really are more equal than others; they’re a “cut above” even when they’re “three sheets to the wind.”

It now seems that the authorities are denying that alcohol was “involved” in the incident (CNN). He went out on a date and then stayed up until 3am to experiment with his borrowed drone, at which point alcohol was not an issue.

But Bob’s point about the lack of any charges has been confirmed. Nor is his government employer concerned. summarized: “No Charges for White House Drone Pilot.”

Sounds like spy agency worker Shawn Usman has some very understanding bosses: Federal authorities have decided not to pursue charges against the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency employee for crashing a drone on the White House grounds while off-duty and intoxicated earlier this year, and the NGA says it has taken no action against him, CNN reports.

The only remaining possibility is that the FAA might cause him some trouble. The Secret Service wanted charges brought against him, but they were denied.

I’m not writing about this because I necessarily want the man punished. I just want to know what would have happened if this had been a son’s experiment in a homeschooling family that were fans of Duck Dynasty. Do any of us have any confidence that this is a system that is providing equal justice under the law or that even aspires to treat all Americans in that manner?