No Soda for Your 6th-Grade Daughter, but School Can Insert an IUD without Telling You

The Seattle school’s no soda rule puts their IUD policy in perspective.

Mark Horne wrote about the fact that the Seattle schools are allowed to insert IUDs into eleven-year-old girls without telling their parents, but I want to revisit the issue and point out the seeming insanity.

I write “seeming insanity,” because even though there is real moral insanity involved, there is also a clear agenda with rational planning. As the cliché goes, there is a method to their madness.

When Mark wrote he neglected to mention that these same Seattle schools where children have items put in their uteri so they can have sex at a young age without any babies being produced, are also places where Soda is forbidden.

Thanks to Leah Barkoukis at for bringing this to our attention:

From mandates about what food children can eat to draconian attendance policies, it’s becoming increasingly clear that parental rights do not exist when you send your child to public school, as The Blaze’s Matt Walsh has argued before.

But in Seattle, it’s even worse. In at least 13 public schools in the area, where kids are banned from even having soda or candy, middle and high school-aged girls can get a taxpayer-funded IUD without their parents’ consent.

As she summarizes, “Chocolate and sugar? Way too unhealthy. Sex and contraceptives? Totally fine.”

But here’s the point: This is not hypocrisy. This is not inconsistency.

First of all, you have to remember that almost all the talk about health in the media-government panic about the “obesity epidemic” is a load of garbage. No one really cares about health. They want a nation of sexually attractive people. They want life to be like it is on fictional TV shows. Remember Star Trek? They never had ugly women and the men weren’t often too shabby either. That’s the future we are supposed to be striving for. Fat rolls are preventing sextopia.

So the refusal to give sodas to children makes sense. The goal is a generation of fornicating and fornicatable young adults who are all attracted to each other and don’t need to “get to know” anyone before doing the deed. (For the literately challenged, remove the letters f, o, r, n, I, c, a, and t. Substitute s, c, r, e, and w.) Slim them down and make them infertile. It is utopia. You can read a description of the public school agenda by simply checking out Aldous Huxley’s book, Brave New World, from the library. Some of the technology is still unavailable, but it describes the human race being made into a horde of promiscuous, infertile, drugged slaves.

Naturally, while an oversexed media environment captures many a young man and woman, sometimes moralistic parents get in the way. So the schools are on board to fight the good fight and get the girls started young, without allowing parents any say.