No to Indiana “Discrimination,” but Killing Homosexuals Okay?

Businesses that want to boycott Indiana have no problem doing businesses in countries where killing homosexuals is considered just. How does that work?

I noticed back when the Obama Administration was publicly denouncing Russia for a law restricting homosexuality, that it was entirely hypocritical to condemn a country for using prison sentences against child-abusers and be friends and allies with a country (Saudi Arabia) that beheaded homosexuals.

Now points out the same thing about Tim Cook and Apple: “Companies, Cities Plan to Boycott Indiana while Doing Business with Gay-Hating Countries.”

The tolerant left has now decided that anybody who believes in freedom of religion ought to be boycotted. CEOs and government leaders are threatening to boycott the state of Indiana–and not just governmental entities in Indiana, but private businesses in Indiana that have never discriminated against anyone homosexual, let alone same-sex weddings. But these same CEOs and government leaders will happily do business with some of the worst regimes on earth–regimes that do not merely recognize the right of private businessowners to do business with the clients they choose, but that sponsor the state-sanctioned execution of homosexuals.

On Sunday, Apple CEO Tim Cook said that his company would “never tolerate discrimination.” He then compared Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act to Jim Crow; he equated a law guaranteeing the rights of individuals to take part in only the transactions they want to a law forcing individuals to take part in only those transactions the government deems worthy. But Cook is happy to do business with and in Saudi Arabia, as Erick Erickson points out, as well as Uganda, Qatar, and the United Arab Emirates. All of those countries are quite unfriendly to homosexuals.

Other companies looking to boycott Indiana include Smallbox, Salesforce, and Angie’s List; particularly, they want to disassociate from businesses headquartered in Indiana. Yet all of these companies work with businesses with outlets in places like Saudi Arabia, where homosexuality is punishable by death.

We’ve already mentioned the hypocrisy of attacking Indiana while other states have the same law. But this is even more egregious.