No Voter-ID Means More Democrat Voters in November

A recent Washington Post poll showed that “74 percent of Americans favor government-issued photo ID mandates at polling places.” This meant little to CNN because the network, whose ratings are in the proverbial toilet, ignored those numbers “in six separate segments on voter ID laws.”

A majority of Americans believe that showing identification is simply common sense when identification is necessary to identify someone. When it comes to voting, liberals are incensed that anyone would have to prove who they are. If we were all saints, and a person’s word could be trusted, then showing an ID would be unnecessary. But that would be true for all types of calls for identification.

Elections are about money and power. Elected officials have control over our lives and property with laws they pass. Millions of people vote to empower people to take money from some people and give it to them. This makes them accomplices to theft. It’s little different from hiring someone to break into a neighbors house to steal money.

If a person is willing to vote for people to take money from other people, why do we think they will be honest about who they are? Who’s to say that they won’t vote more than once or scheme to use the names of dead people and pets to increase the vote for a candidate? Am I making this up? Voter registration forms were “mailed to hundreds of dead Virginians, children, non-citizens, pets, and others ineligible to vote.”

A judge in Pennsylvania had enough good sense to see through liberal outrage and upheld a law requiring that voters show identification. Judge Robert Simpson wrote, “Thus the photo ID requirement of Act 18 is a reasonable, nondiscriminatory, nonsevere burden when viewed in the broader context of the widespread use of photo ID in daily life.”

Are there political motives on each side of the issue? Of course there are. But that doesn’t change reality. Some people are liars and thieves in both parties.

The Justice Department’s civil rights division shot down a new photo ID requirement for voters in Texas because many Hispanic voters lack state-issued identification. A similar edict from the Justice Department was leveled against South Carolina.

When I saw the doctor to be treated for a sinus infection, I had to show my driver’s license and insurance card. On my way to work a few weeks ago, the police set up a road block to check insurance cards and driver’s licenses. I wonder if the Hispanics didn’t have to show any ID. (Of course, I’m not in favor of random ID checks. I only mention this to make a point.)

Every time I fly, I have to show my ID two times before I can board the plane. When I checked into the hotel, I was asked for my ID and a valid credit card. While in Las Vegas, I set up two business bank accounts. They wanted a whole lot of IDs. Last week I went to a different bank branch to cash a check, and the teller asked for my ID and wrote my license number on the check.

Here’s a convenient list of where you will need an ID:





Donating Blood


Gun Shop

Cashing a Check

Adoption Agency

Social Security Office

Pawn Shops


Using a Credit Card


Union Elections

Here’s where liberals say you shouldn’t need an ID: In the voting booth where people choose candidates to make laws for all of us. Is it too much to ask that we want to know if they are who they say they are and haven’t voted in the place of someone else or have voted six times? I don’t think so.