Norman Podhoretz: Let’s Mass Murder Iranians

Podhoretz uses the same excuse that Obama used to try to get us to blow up Syrians.

This homicidal bloodlust needs to be ejected from anything that would claim to be “conservative.” In addition to being murderous, it is also extremely stupid.

Only months ago the Obama-Kerry regime tried to use the same Iraqi trick to go kill Syrians. In that case they actually claimed that “we knew” that Bashar al-Assad had used chemical weapons. It was a deadly lie.

And then, of course, there is Iraq. Yes Saddam Hussein was evil. So is the government they have now. The blood and treasure we spent turning a toothless secular dictatorship into a Shiite, Irainian-supporting, extremist regime was an error that will probably be remembered in history as the turning point downward for the United States of America as a world superpower.

And yet the same people who lied to us before are permitted to lie to us again. Podhoretz trumpeted the WMD stories about Iraq and claimed that invading Iraq was necessary to win the war on terror. Yet it is only now, that we have degraded Iraq, that it has become a haven for terrorists. Al Qaeda In Iraq never existed when Hussein was in power. From the standpoint of pure national interest, we are much worse off with Iraq as it is now, then we were with Iraq ruled by Hussein.

Now Podhoretz speaks up to support John McCain’s past bellicose statements. This is the same McCain who went to Syria and got photographed posing with terrorists and then excused himself because it was impossible to tell the difference between Western-friendly rebels and Jihadists. No kidding.

Podhoretz claims that it was a consensus that “Iran was lying when it denied that its nuclear facilities were working to build a bomb.” Completely untrue. Our national intelligence estimate is exactly the opposite. It is possible that at one time they did think about building one, but if so that was given up in 2003.

His next claim is that everyone knew that deterrence wouldn’t work with Iran. That is such an egregious falsehood I really don’t know what to say. These are the same people that claim that sanctions have worked to make Iran want to negotiate. Posturing by Khomeini is not evidence to the contrary. Iran has never shown any interest in attacking outside his borders. Also, even after the Islamic Revolution Iran worked as a secret ally to Israel for quite some time. In fact, in the nineties, Israel tried to get a thaw in US-Iranian relations.

This is really important. Israel has nuclear subs and massive second strike capability. The fact is, if Iran was as irrational as Podhoretz wants us to believe, they would simply start building the bomb and trust Allah to protect them. Despite many problems in Iran’s leadership, they are not so stupid or blinded by zeal. They are a rational actor on the world stage.

On the arms race, that may be a more plausible worry. But since Iran doesn’t want a nuke, and neither does anyone else want them to have one (including me), that is really beside the poin.

So all of this malicious speculation and misinformation is supposed to justify another pre-emptive war. We’re supposed to attack people who are no threat to us or our interests.

A pre-emptive war would have a lot of benefits to our ruling class. First off, it would shut down the conservative opposition to more spending and more debt on the part of the Federal Government. Once the military spending got juiced up, welfare-statists could leverage the moral high ground to get some of that money spent on “fixing” Obamacare or creating new transfer programs. Maybe we could finally restart the housing bubble for a few years!

War is the health of the state. The Podhoretz/Obama god thrives on human sacrifice.