North Carolina To Face Off Against Feds Over Strict Voter ID Laws

North Carolina is Republican controlled.  The GOP holds 33 of the 50 seats in the Senate and 77 of the 120 seats in the House.  Governor Pat McCrory and Lieutenant Governor Dan Forest are both Republicans.  And they are all prepared to defend their latest actions against all challenges.

On Monday, Gov. McCrory signed a new voter law on how state residents can vote and the requirement that they display a photo ID when voting.  After signing the bill into law, McCrory released a statement saying:

“Common practices like boarding an airplane and purchasing Sudafed require photo ID, and we should expect nothing less for the protection of our right to vote.”

“While some will try to make this seem to be controversial, the simple reality is that requiring voters to provide a photo ID when they vote is a common sense idea.  This new law brings our state in line with a healthy majority of other states throughout the country.”

To help stem some of the arguments that are sure to rise up against the new law, the bill specifies that North Carolina citizens won’t be required to show a valid ID until the 2016 election.  This gives everyone plenty of time to go down to their local DMV office and apply for a government photo ID.

North Carolina is not alone in requiring a voter ID as 34 other states have laws that require some form of ID in order to vote.  I live in Kentucky and we have to show our driver’s license to verify our name and address before we are allowed to vote.

This isn’t stopping the liberals from lining up to challenge the new voter ID law.  The NAACP and the ACLU are among those who have pledged to challenge the constitutionality of the new law.  They continue to argue and use scare tactics as McCrory called them, claiming that any form of voter ID is mean to suppress blacks, poor, elderly and young people from being able to vote.

But I ask them why haven’t they challenged the laws that require a photo ID to buy Sudafed, or to apply for welfare, food stamps, Medicaid, Medicare, check cashing, purchase alcohol or register a car?  If blacks, poor people, elderly and young people are able to get an ID for any of these things, then why is it unconstitutional for them to have to get one in order to vote?

There can be only one explanation and that has to do with voter fraud.  Requiring a voter ID or photo ID will drastically reduce the amount of voter fraud that has been happening all around the country.  And please take note that it is only the liberal Democrats that are so up in arms against anything designed to reduce voter fraud.  I still wonder how the 2008, 2010 and 2012 elections would have really turned out if every American citizen was required to show a photo ID in order to vote.  I suspect had that been the case that some Democratic office holders might be bagging groceries somewhere instead of living off the public.

Here’s hoping that North Carolina can successfully defend their voter ID law and that it will help clean up some of the voter fraud in their state.