Not a Hate Crime because It Was a Black Mob Attacking a White Victim

And we all know that there would be no national media panic about hate crime if the races were reversed, right?

We really live at a cultural tipping point.

The tipping point is this: there are enough liberals and cowardly wannabe-liked-by-liberals in positions of power and influence that we can (to some extent) keep laws about equality “on the books” while in fact instituting a system of inequality before the law. We can say that all hate crimes must be punished, for example. But we can, in fact, neglect to enforce them in one direction while hammering on them in the other direction.

So, this was not a hate crime:

(Warning! Language and Violence! Disturbing!)

According to the Blaze, which also provided the screen shot of the original police report, “Police Back Off ‘Anti-White’ Hate Crime Claim in Case of Horrific July Fourth Mob Beating.”

police report anti-white

The story at the Blaze describes the video, saying that it

shows McKnight, who suffered a concussion, broken nose and facial injuries, lying bloodied and unconscious on the pavement.

People can be heard laughing and mocking the victim as he lay unresponsive on the ground.

But there is no reason to believe that this attack was racially motivated, we are now assured, despite the police report that said the opposite.

A 27-year-old man was left bloodied and unconscious after being brutally assaulted by an unruly mob in the streets of Cincinnati on Saturday night. Though the official police incident report referred to the July Fourth attack as “anti-white,” Capt. Mike Neville backed off the claim on Monday and said it’s not yet clear if race was a factor.

Neville said the officer who filed the incident report felt the attack was racially motivated because the victim, Christopher McKnight, was beaten by a group of people from the “opposite race.” He said the preliminary anti-white description of the attack was incorrect.

So, even though nothing is clear yet about their motives, Neville is sure that the original police report is wrong.

I’m sure we all know that, if a white mob beat up a black victim, the journalists and the politicians and the pundits would be careful to wait for some clear explanation. If the original police report said it was racially motivated, they would be completely trusting of a police captain later asserting that the report was false.

The “unruly mob” was also throwing bottles and fireworks at police, reportedly.

The simple fact is that police answer to politicians. Furthermore, they can protect themselves in part by sacrificing a few members of the public from time to time. All of this is a recipe for a society in which the rule of law is nothing more than a pleasant fiction, where favored groups are immune from even criticism, let alone prosecution according to a fixed standard.

It isn’t just about race. We are already seeing that it is perfectly OK to fire people for their political views because they believe in the real definition of marriage but some Republicans and other Liberals are demanding that homosexuals become a protected class from job discrimination.

So all to soon the practical hypocrisy will give way to the open legal declaration that all people are equal but some are more equal than others.