Are We Now in Danger of Nuclear War?

Have you considered the danger we face of nuclear war? Wednesday I told a good friend I believed the next two years are perhaps the most dangerous the United States has ever faced.

nuclear explosion

Thursday, I find this. “Russian General Calls for Preemptive Nuclear Strike Doctrine Against NATO.”

A Russian general has called for Russia to revamp its military doctrine, last updated in 2010, to clearly identify the U.S. and its NATO allies as Moscow’s enemy number one and spell out the conditions under which Russia would launch a preemptive nuclear strike against the 28-member military alliance, Interfax reported Wednesday.

Russia’s military doctrine, a strategy document through which the government interprets military threats and crafts possible responses, is being revised in light of threats connected to the Arab Spring, the Syrian civil war and the conflict in Ukraine, the deputy chief of the Kremlin’s security council told RIA Novosti on Tuesday.

But within the Defense Ministry there are voices calling for different priorities.

“First and foremost, the likely enemy of Russia should be clearly identified in this strategic document, something absent from the 2010 military doctrine. In my view, our primary enemy is the U.S. and the North Atlantic bloc,” General Yury Yakubov, a senior Defense Ministry official, was quoted as saying by Interfax.

The 2010 doctrine defines NATO expansion as a threat to Russian national security and reaffirms its right to use nuclear weapons in a defensive posture, but stops far short of declaring NATO as Moscow’s primary adversary and laying preemptive nuclear strike scenarios on the table, a posture unmistakably reminiscent of the Cold War.

Yakubov said the information war being waged over the crisis in Ukraine — where the West accuses Russia of arming separatists fighting the government in Kiev — and NATO’s announcement that it would establish a permanent military presence in Eastern Europe have validated earlier fears that the alliance’s claims of non-aggression toward Russia were insincere.

All it takes is for Russia and/or China to make a “deal with the Devil” and provide terrorists with one medium-sized nuclear weapon… for that weapon to be loaded on one of those commercial airliners seized in Libya… and to detonate said weapon at 30- or 40,000 feet over the United States mainland, and… a majority of our population, dies from the likely blackout that follows.

If you were the President of Russia or China, would you not look at the current collection of clowns and narcissists in Washington, DC and think that this is, probably, the most opportune window to put an end to your American rivals?

Nah, everyone in the world loves us… it would never happen. What’s on TV?

I mean, this is only the Moscow Times… what do they know?