Now You Know How to Vote in the 2014 Election

It was as if Ted Cruz scripted the whole Harry Reid carnival sideshow on Friday and set us up for the 2014 Election.

As he and Rush Limbaugh predicted, the House voted on a continuing resolution (CR) to temporarily fund the government but stripped out funding for Obamacare, then passed the CR on to the Senate for a vote. Without funding, Obamacare would be DOA.

As predicted the Senate voted 79 to 19 for cloture, thus ending all debate on the House’s version of the CR. Once that supermajority threshold of 60 votes for cloture was reached, “Dirty” Harry Reid was free to reinsert the Obamacare funding provision, which he did within an hour of the cloture vote.

Harry Reid’s Three-card Monte. Now you don’t see it, now you do.

Remember, both Cruz and Limbaugh explained all this prior to these events, almost to the letter. They knew exactly what the soft-spoken dictator of the Senate would do.

The Senate was now free to vote on the amended version of the CR with a simple majority, 51 votes. They got 54. It now goes back to the House, with full Obamacare funding reinstated.

You, as a voter, need to find out if your Senator voted for cloture and then against the CR as my Senator, Kelly Ayotte did.

These traitors to the conservative movement and the Constitution will come home to their districts and try to fool us by saying they voted against Reid’s amended resolution to fund Obamacare. They must’ve known what they were doing. Ted Cruz explained it prior to both Senate votes. He explained a vote for cloture was a vote for Obamacare.

If they claim this, they are either stupid or lying. Let’s not mince words; they’re liars who think we are stupid. Call them out for the progressive double dealers they are.

So what now? What does the House do? What recourse do they have at this point?

Well, Pat Buchanan had a great idea for the House leadership. He suggested that Boehner simply break up the CR into several parts and send each individual component back to Harry Reid and dare him to reject it. Instead of one omnibus continuing resolution, send Reid several, one after the other.

Break out the entire defense budget and send only that. Then the education portion, then agriculture, education, etc. All clean bills, daring Harry Reid and the rest of the Senate hacks to vote each of them down, thus defunding that department; of course leaving Obamacare funding out of each one. It could be done if the House has the courage to do so.

But what of all those politicians and pundits that say, “just get out of the way and let Obamacare pass.” Obamacare is so complicated, confusing, and expensive it will surely “collapse under its own weight,” they say. We Republicans can then say, “See we told you so” and then let the Democrats own it. That will show the people.

All who have this strategy in mind are dead wrong! Let me put it another way. Can anyone tell me which of the thousands of failing, failed, or bankrupt government entitlement programs have ever “collapsed under their own weight”? Enlighten me as to the program that was once implemented and no longer exists? I thought so.

Once implemented and funded there’s no turning back. It will be with us forever. That’s what Obama meant when onThursday exclaimed that we are just five days away from completing the country’s fundamental transformation. Chilling! He understands this is the keystone to ultimate control of our lives.

Government shut down or not – this abomination must be killed. The question is, are there enough patriots in the House to do what needs to be done regardless of the “perceived” fallout. The public is squarely behind them, if they have the courage and brains to listen to their voicemails, read their texts, check their Twitter and Facebook accounts and simply look beyond the Beltway for support.

We are many and we’re out here and ready to fight for those patriots.