Now Official: Obama Wants to Delete the “Obama” from “Obamacare”

If anyone doubts the President is embarrassed by the Affordable Care Act they merely need to pay attention to what he has said recently in defending it. According to CNS News:

He didn’t use the word “Obamacare” once on Tuesday in talking about his health care law, but he mentioned the “Affordable Care Act” seven times.

“So, look, I am confident that the model that we built, which works off of the existing private insurance system, is one that will succeed,” Obama told the Wall Street Journal’s CEO Council Annual Meeting in Washington, D.C.

“We are going to have to, (a) fix the website so everybody feels confident about that. We’re going to have to, obviously, re-market and re-brand, and that will be challenging in this political environment.”

Side note: it is pretty fascinating to me how the president makes a point of making sure we all remember that his highly state-dominated system “works off of the existing private insurance system.” I can’t help but wonder if he is preparing the ground for a future scapegoat.

What can Obama possibly mean by saying that he must “re-brand” Obamacare? The only possible explanation is that he is announcing that he wants his name to come off of it.

My how times have changed!

Obama used to like his name being used to refer to the Affordable Care Act. Now he wants it removed. As soon as he’s out of office I’m happy to cooperate with him. Pelosicare would be a good name. Or if she is finally ejected, Demcare has a ring to it.

But the point here is that it’s official: Obama doesn’t like “Obamacare” anymore.

Will it really be possible to re-boot Obamacare under a new name?

In his remarks to corporate executives Tuesday, President Obama insisted that the enrollment website “is getting better each week.”

But on the same morning the president spoke, a senior administration IT official was telling Congress that “We still have to build the payment systems, to make payments to issuers in January.”

I hate to make optimistic guesses about what is going on, but it really sounds to me like Obama has himself reached the stage of delusional optimism. Because he is committed to the idea that failure is not an option, he is dedicated to a path that will only make his failure more spectacular. The Democrats are already acknowledging that Obama is leading them all to electoral destruction.

In my view, Obama talking about the future of the Affordable Care Act (once it has been “re-branded” and “re-marketed”) is like listening to Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke or Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson forecasting more economic growth in late 2007. He is simply in denial.

The main problem right now for conservatives is that we need the GOP to refrain from pulling defeat out of the jaws of victory. Are they going to capitalize on the horror of Obamacare? Or are they going to continue to war against the tea party?

But we live in interesting times. There are reasons to hope, as well as to fear and pray.