NPR: is The Republicans’ Fault

I suppose I shouldn’t be too upset about this story since it actually shows that Democrats hate Republicans because many of them can’t be bought out (I wish that was true of all Republicans). In “How Politics Set The Stage For The Obamacare Website Meltdown,” several allegations are made.

First, a former HHS bureaucrat is quoted:

On the other hand, people should remember that those who are in charge of the money HHS needs to implement the federal exchange are dedicated to the destruction of the federal exchange, and the destruction of the Affordable Care Act.

If they were really that dedicated, then there would be no funding for Obamacare now. But the story continues:

When it became clear that HHS would need more money to build the federal exchange than had been allocated in the original law, Republicans in Congress refused to provide it.

True. Obama and Pelosi got the law passed in part by lying about how much it would cost. Then they used the fact the law was passed as leverage (they hoped) to force Congress to give them more money. They essentially took Bush’s strategy to get us to go to war in Iraq and used it for Obamacare. Congress didn’t fall for it.

But if they didn’t have enough money they should have said so and delayed Obamacare. They went ahead, promising us it would be ready. That was another lie.

They also blame the timing. But they knew that before November 1. So why not tell us and make plans and pour blame on Congress for the delay?

And in the end, the administration made a major miscalculation. Officials figured that even Republican states would both create their own exchanges and expand their Medicaid programs because both came with so much federal money attached.

“The thought was that ultimately money trumps everything,” says Angoff. “And that no matter what the rhetoric was of some of the elected officials against the Affordable Care Act, ultimately they would take the money. And I think what surprised most people was that in this case, money didn’t trump everything.”

So there it is. The Democrats designed a law on the basis of a phony premise, that they could bribe away their opposition. That they made such a miscalculation in such a cynical and unprincipled ploy is entirely the fault of the Obamapelosicrats, not the Republicans.

At best, these would all be reasons to delay the Obamacare rollout, something that the Republicans conveniently tried to force the Democrats to do. But since they knew it wouldn’t work and went ahead anyway, the responsibility is doubly, triply, theirs.