NPR Tells Us Politicians Want Early Childhood “Education” For No Reason, But Tries To Lie About What They Tell

The headline is a big lie: “Boston Finds That Quality Preschool Is Worth The Effort.” How do I know it is a lie? Because I listened to and read the story. The story tells us that “Boston” has “found” nothing of the sort.

Sandwiched between human interest distractions, here is the truth they are trying to get you ignore:

But not everyone is sold. Some preschool research shows academic gains fading by third grade. Critics say a program without staying power is hardly worth a big public investment.

Russ Whitehurst, an education analyst with the Brookings Institution, says the research out of Boston does little to puncture that critique, because it only measured gains over the course of a single preschool year.

“So we just don’t know about Boston, whether the positive effects that are talked about at the end of the pre-K year are going to be there at the end of first grade, second grade or third grade,” Whitehurst says. “Without knowing that, it’s hard to make a decision about whether this is a great program that ought to be replicated in other places.”

But policymakers around the country aren’t waiting for a long-term study. They’re coming to Boston to see the preschool program up close.

Right. And I’m sure their paying for their own transportation and lodging because they are doing it out of the kindness of their hearts.


First of all, you have to love the word, “policymakers.” Like all society will erode and decay unless a group of heroic toilers are not out there “making policies.” What a bankrupt world view! These people are our rulers. Let’s call them for what they are.

So our rulers are out touring Boston with no reason to do so. They have decided that they want Boston to be “worth it,” so they are going to treat it as “worth it.” And they are treating their tax-fed vacations as “research” even though there is no possibility that the real questions will be answered for a couple of years at least.

They just want an excuse to tax us more, spend more, and increase the power of teachers’ unions. The children are pawns in a power game. We know this because it is admitted by all parties that the Boston effort is backed by no long-term studies. None have been done or can be done yet.

So all this “research” is really just tax-funded campaigning to get the money flowing into another boondoggle. Once the funding and programs are established, they will generate their own support and their own rationalizations. They will expand from there.

Finally, just so you know, the studies finding “academic gains fading by third grade” are good news! Do you really want to believe that how your child does in pre-school determines his entire future? I don’t! I want to teach my children that it is not where you begin, but where you end that matters.