NRA Membership Supports Government Control of Guns? Are They Nuts?

A pro-gun-control group is reporting that “Mayors Against Illegal Guns” yesterday released the findings of a survey by GOP pollster and Fox News commentator Frank Luntz showing that NRA members and gun owners overwhelmingly support a variety of government laws designed to prevent those deemed “dangerous” from owning guns under the Second Amendment.
The idea that the U.S. Federal Government or anyone approved by Washington D.C. should have the authority to determine who is “dangerous” is itself a “dangerous” idea.

Jesse Ventura, in his latest book, DemoCRIPS and ReBLOODlicans, compares Washington D.C. with two dangerous gangs, the “Bloods” and the “Crips.” For all the killings these urban gangs are responsible for, Washington D.C. is far more dangerous:

  • Washington D.C. is a dangerous criminal syndicate that has hired hit men to commit nearly 50 million murders of unborn human beings since 1973;
  • Washington D.C. is a dangerous gang that gave guns to dangerous Mexican drug cartels (“Fast and Furious”);
  • Washington D.C. is an organized ring of school bullies that orders local public school teachers to remove all copies of God’s command “Thou shalt not kill” from public school walls;
  • “The Government” is a ring of highway bandits that seized $2.1 Billion in “asset forfeiture proceedings” in 1994, often without “probable cause,” and often not returned even when innocence was proven, while that same year “criminals” committed 7,885 bank robberies, taking only $28 million. The Institute for Justice estimates that proceeds to governments from “asset forfeiture” now exceed $500 billion per year;
  • D.C. elites are dangerous international revolutionaries that overthrew the government of Iran in 1953 for the benefit of petroleum corporations, propping up a dictator over Iran for a quarter of a century of murder and torture, setting up a sequence of predictable events that would lead to the Iranian Revolution, taking U.S. diplomats hostage, giving weapons and military aid to Saddam Hussein in his war with Iran (killing over a million people), senselessly slaughtering thousands of retreating soldiers on the “Highway of Death,” killing thousands of Christians and destroying the largest Christian-friendly government in the Arab world and replacing it with an Islamic Theocracy under Shariah Law which turns away when remaining Christian churches are burned;
  • Washington D.C. is a gang of dangerous terrorists that armed Islamic fanatics like Osama bin Laden with shoulder-fired missiles and other weapons to fight an invasion by the murderous Soviet Union, which the dangerous gang leaders in Washington D.C. had previously helped build troop transport trucks in the largest truck factory in the world (built by a government-subsidized Ford Motor Co. on the Kama River), as well as the superhighway through the Kabul Pass which facilitated the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan;
  • D.C. gang members are sick arsonists who fire-bombed a million people to death in Dresden and Tokyo, while their counterparts in the White House were setting up China to fall to the Communists, who subsequently murdered over 70 million people, just as Roosevelt handed over Eastern Europe to Washington’s sister gang, the Stalinists, murderers of tens of millions of people;

The very idea that this pathologically dangerous gang of murderers, thieves, and kidnappers should have the power to decide that certain American individuals s are “dangerous” and should not be allowed to exercise their Second Amendment rights is staggering. Liberals wring their hands over nuts that dress up like comic-book characters, and ignore the most dangerous of all super-villains: the one they created in Washington D.C.