NRA T-Shirt Wearing 8th Grader Now Facing $500 Fine and Year in Jail

This is an update on 2 previous reports I wrote on Jared Marcum.  In April, Jared showed up at Logan Middle School in West Virginia wearing an NRA t-shirt that read ‘Protect Your Right.’  Below the text was an image of an assault-style rifle.  A teacher took exception to the shirt and told Jared to remove it.  When Jared refused, the principal was brought into the situation and Jared was eventually suspended from school and arrested for disrupting the educational process.

Jared’s dad, Allen Lardieri was furious and is pursuing legal action against the school.  He has obtained the services of an attorney who says that the arrest process conducted on Jared was done illegally and he was moving to have the charges dismissed.

Despite the efforts of his attorney, Ben White, the Logan County Police Department refused to drop the charges of obstructing an officer.  The basis for the officer’s claim is that Jared would not stop talking at the time of his initial arrest for obstructing the education process.  Jared was scared at the time and kept trying to explain that he was only protecting his constitutional rights by refusing to remove his t-shirt.  He said that the officer also threatened to charge him with making terrorist threats at the time of his arrest.

The case was heard before a judge to determine if there was merit for a trial or not.  After both sides pleaded their case, the judge ruled that the prosecution could move forward with the obstruction of justice charge.  The trial date was set for July 11.

If found guilty of protecting his constitutional rights, Jared could face up to a $500 fine and up to 1 year in jail.  At 14 years of age, that is a frightening thought to a boy who has always been a model student and never in trouble with the law or at school.

Jared’s father told the local news:

“Every aspect of this is just totally wrong.  He has no background of anything criminal, up until now and it just seems like nobody wants to admit they’re wrong.”

“Me, I’m more of a fighter and so is Jared and eventually we’re going to get through this.

“I don’t think it should have ever gotten this far.”

White, Jared’s lawyer, says he will continue to try to get the charge against Jared dismissed prior to the court date.

This all started because some liberal teacher objected to Jared’s t-shirt.  It did not violate any school dress code, but it must have offended the teacher’s personal ideology.  Like many other liberals, the teacher cared nothing about Jared’s constitutional rights and decided to make a big deal out of a non-issue.

And what kind of lesson is this teaching students like Jared?  It teaches them that they can obey all the rules and still get in a world of trouble if their personal views conflict with a teacher’s personal views.  In the classroom, where politics has no business, liberal educators believe that they have the right to force their politics onto their students and force them to adapt or be punished.

This is not the American way but the communist way, and the public school system in many parts of America are hell bent on creating a whole generation of socialists who have been brainwashed by their propaganda into conforming to their new proletariat.

I believe that Jared’s family needs to sue the teacher for the damages to Jared and for all of their legal costs.  Then they need to launch a movement to get the teacher fired.  Parents need to unite to protect their kids from such liberal bullying by public educators before it’s too late.