Nullifying the Constitution: So Who’s in Charge?

Since 9-11 the Federal government has removed more individual freedoms and civil liberties than at any given time since our country was founded. Each of these laws from the Patriot Act, NDAA, and even Obama Care are laws that were imposed by the government on the people without any chance to oppose them.

This is also true of the gun debate, where the Federal government continues to try to get gun control implemented, even though most of the American people are against any form of gun control.

What most do not realize is that all Socialistic laws we now have in place, including the use of drones to kill American citizens on US soil, are in themselves unconstitutional.

Since the events of 9/11 and continuing today, the Federal government has in reality removed all forms of being a free republic which was founded on a written Constitution that maintains that it is “the Supreme law of the land.” (Art. VI, Clause 2)

We have become a Socialistic Dictatorship under the rule of a single supreme Tyrant in which the voice of the people and the Constitutional rule of law have been replaced with dictated demands.

Since the US was founded on a Constitution of laws by and for the people, rather than the commands of the government to and against them, it may interest those in government as well as the citizens of this country that any law deemed unconstitutional is therefore against the law.

This has been the case since the Constitution was signed.

What this means is that all laws implemented upon the people of the US such as the Patriot Act, the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), all Presidential Executive Orders which take away power from the people and give it to the President, as well as any government restrictions on a citizen’s right to own firearms is against the laws of the United States, thus deemed null and void.

This can be seen in the fact that certain laws actually voted into law in some states can be repealed by the Federal government because they go against the Constitution. The Federal government is no different when it comes to enacting laws that are unconstitutional. They too must be repealed, based on them being against the rule of law as outlined in the Constitution.

We as citizens of the US must demand the return of a Constitutional government, the destruction of the current Socialistic Dictatorship, and the repeal of all unconstitutional laws and Executive Orders we now have in place.