Nutrition Guidelines will Oppose Meat for the Environment

The fact that they can’t oppose meat for nutritional reasons should tell you something.

I warned about this earlier because it was plain what the committee planned to do. Now the Hill reports, “Vegan diet best for planet.”

A federal panel that helps set federal dietary guidelines is recommending Americans eat less meat because it’s better for the environment, sparking outrage from industry groups representing the nation’s purveyors of beef, pork and poultry.

The Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee, a federally appointed panel of nutritionists created in 1983, decided for the first time this year to factor in environmental sustainability in its recommendations. They include a finding that a diet lower in animal-based foods is not only healthier, but has less of an environmental impact.

First of all, when the government decides to make authoritative pronouncements about what is best for environmental sustainability, don’t they usually use people who specialize in ecology and related environmental sciences? So a bunch of nutritionists did… what? Google the issue like the rest of us?

Which leads to a second point: This committee was commissioned to develop accurate nutritional guidelines. So where did they get the authority to make decisions on the basis, not of nutrition, but of environmental sustainability? They gave the authority to themselves.

This is why, when we read about emperors in the Bible, we find they had the authority to summarily execute bureaucrats. The ancients knew that the only way to keep the “wise men” from completely dominating the kingdom was to make sure power stayed in the hands of the king. So now our elected office holders are treated like buffoons, with transparent lies about malfunctioning hard drives, while these bureaucracies arrogate to themselves more and more power.

Third, the fact that this report recommends veganism on the basis of environmentalism and not nutrition points out to you that you are most healthy including meat in your diet. If they could have found a scientific reason to tell you that veganism is nutritious, they would have done so (sorry vegans). But they instead had to switch rationales to get to the desired conclusion.

In fact, this is an open decision to give people second-rate nutritional advice “for the sake of the planet.” We are sacrificing human health to “Gaia.”

Finally, as I argued earlier, the “science” behind the claim that it is better for the planet to not eat meat is another superstition.