NY Dem in Trouble for Noticing Some People Have Brown Skin

State politics are not usually as interesting as national politics, but here we have a good story involving a New York state assemblyman named Dov Hikind. Despite Hikind’s being a Democrat, I will come to his defense here because he did nothing wrong.

Hikind, a white man (yes, that’s relevant), hosted a costume party at his home in Brooklyn for the Jewish holiday Purim. Hikind’s costume consisted of a basketball jersey, a black man’s afro, and brown makeup for his face (blackface).

This offended people, but, as all grown-ups know and should accept, life is offensive, and that’s okay.

Hikind told a local CBS affiliate that while he didn’t mean to offend anybody, he doesn’t regret his costume choice. Eventually, however, as negative press mounted, Hikind was able to muster an apology “that they were offended.”

This is the least sincere form of apology, granted, but what does he have to apologize for? He shouldn’t apologize at all.

Eddie Murphy used to wear white makeup (whiteface) and a blond, silky wig on Saturday Night Live for a skit about being white. It’s a hilarious skit. Black comedian Dave Chappelle did the same thing as a white news anchor. Why did Murphy and Chappelle do this? Because their characters were white and they wanted to look like their characters. If the characters they were playing had long, red hair, they would have donned a long, red wig. If the characters they were playing had a wide-eyed stare, they would have kept their eyes opened really wide for the whole skit. The point of any costume is to look like the person or character or creature that you’re playing. If you don’t, then you have failed the entire point of dressing up in a costume.

News flash: black people have brown skin; get over it. If you have white skin and are dressed as some character who is black, why wouldn’t you try to cover up your white skin to try and look more like the black character you’re dressed as? If your black character has an afro, you will wear an afro, won’t you? Why not skin then?

There is no racism involved in making observations. I am not racist for noticing that blacks have brown skin. Blacks are not racist for noticing that I have a creamy-pinkish skin with brown specks on my more sun-exposed areas.

The people who get offended at blackface seem oblivious of the inherent racism in their being offended. When liberals get offended that a white person wears brown makeup to look like a man of African descent, those liberals are saying that brown skin is something to be ashamed of and that it’s rude to call attention to that “flaw” of blacks. If they didn’t view brown skin as a flaw, then they would have no problem with people wearing brown makeup.

Color-blindness in judging a person is admirable–we all should be judged the same way regardless of skin color. But color-blindness in society in general, while masquerading as a noble endeavor, is simply the manifestation of liberals’ desires for us all to look the same, because, according to them, some skin colors are undesirable (just think of liberal hero Margaret Sanger and her opinion of minorities). The real racists are the ones who, while pandering to different races to win elections, simultaneously believe that skin color should be eradicated. And you can’t eradicate skin color if people keep making the awful, terrible, horrible observation that, gasp, some people have darker skin.