NYPD Says You’re Helpless with a Workplace Shooter, but They Will Arrest You if You Carry

If a workplace shooter comes to your office, you had better be able to run and hide because the police won’t be there in time to help you.

This headline from Newser.com reads as if the police are doing us a favor by giving us helpful information: “NYPD: Your Desk Won’t Save You From a Shooter.”

Most mass shootings happen in the workplace and most of them are over before police get there, according to the New York City Police Department, so workers need to know how to react. The NYPD held a training session for members of the media yesterday in response to last week’s TV shooting in Virginia and journalists were told to follow officers’ instructions and forget about asking questions if they are caught in the middle of a mass shooting, NY1 reports. The NYPD says people should remember “ABC” for Avoid, Barricade, Confront: getting away from the shooter if you can, barricading yourself in if you can’t, and confronting them only a last resort, as set out in a department safety pamphlet.

The story goes on to tell us that a wooden desk is insufficient as a barricade. Bullets from popular guns like an AK-47 and even some handguns will cut right through it. So you need to get a barricade with “as many layers as you can.” In fact, the NYPD recommends every work area have a safe room with “extra thick walls.”

This is the help you get from a police department that will arrest you for carrying a handgun.

How does one even begin to respond to this dangerous insanity?

This demonstrates that tyranny makes people stupid. The gun laws themselves are disgusting and illegal under the Second Amendment, but the way people behave when they assume such laws are sensible really shows us that intelligence is drained by those laws. The media reports all this as if it is serious stuff, never bothering to ask how it is right to have armed officers telling us how to survive a workplace shooter when they are willing to imprison you for the only thing that will really give you any measure of safety.

Notice the all-important concession here: there are workplace shooters and you should prepare to deal with them.

Given that fact, how can they claim they are performing a public service by keeping potential victims from arming themselves?