Oakland To Be Next Big Brother City To Spy On Residents

On Tuesday, the Oakland City Council voted to accept a $2 million grant from the Obama administration to build a community spy center.  In hopes of selling it to the public, they came up with the name, Domain Awareness Center.  It’s the same as changing the term socialism to social justice.  It means the same thing only it doesn’t sound so offensive and misguides people into accepting more.

The new system will rely on video cameras and license plate readers posted at strategic locations all over the city, along with gunshot detecting microphones and other alarm systems.  The center will have active crime maps to help them track crimes and respond as needed.

However, the council meeting was attended by a number of angry protesters, many of them liberal activists who claimed the spy center is just another step in establishing a true police state.  Council members told the audience that the cameras currently being used at the ports, schools, sports complexes and other outside agencies would not be added to the new spy system without approval.  However, they didn’t indicate approval from whom would be necessary.

One protester, Mark Raymond stated:

“The Domain Awareness Center is the guard tower which will watch over every person in the city of Oakland.  This program is an attempt to criminalize and imprison all people who live [in] and pass through Oakland.”

Cynthia Morse, another protester present shouted down at the council, saying:

“This is a disaster and it is going to last for years.”

Others shouted:

“Shame!  Shame!  Shame!”

There were signs that read, ‘State Surveillance – NO.’

I think it’s ironic for liberal activists who support a liberal government end up protesting when the government does what liberal governments do, step on the rights of the people.  It’s okay when it applies to others, but not when it applies to them.

Like it or not, Oakland is one of a growing number of cities that spy in real time on anyone moving, talking, coughing and spitting on city streets and sidewalks.  But does it really help keep the city safer?  Have you heard of any major city in the US where crime rates have significantly dropped from the use of city-wide surveillance systems?  I sure haven’t.  The only thing I see resulting from such systems is that anyone doing anything within the city will have all of their movements captured on camera.  You will have no privacy.

Remember the television commercials that say whatever happens in Vegas stays in Vegas?  Oakland could run their own commercials that say whatever happens in Oakland will be known by all.