Obama Accuses Republicans of ISIS Recruitment

Guy Benson wrote at Townhall.com, “Obama: Let’s Face It, These Republicans Are Practically ISIS Recruiters.”

First the Kerry disgrace, then this. Our president is the world’s most powerful Internet troll:

During his APEC address tonight, President Obama had some tough words for Republicans refusing to take in Syrian refugees. Yesterday he said that not taking in refugees would violate America’s values, but today he got much, much tougher in going after them. He said the “fear and panic” only serves to make the situation worse if everyone’s basing their judgments on “hysteria or an exaggeration of risks.” …”I cannot think of a more potent recruitment tool for ISIL than some of the rhetoric that’s coming out of here during the course of this debate,” [he said].


Here we have the President of the United States demagoguing his domestic opponents, while abroad, in the wake of a devastating terrorist attack against the West.  As virtually everyone has noticed by now, Obama reserves his most impassioned denunciations for his political foes; the massacre in Paris was a “setback,” but damn these Republicans and their rhetoric.  First of all, it’s preposterous to suggest that a roiling debate at home over refugee vetting is ISIS’ most potent recruiting tool — but considering the source, it’s not a surprising assessment.  Barack Obama has been comprehensively wrong about ISIS at virtually every turn. 

Benson says more and it is all incisive, but he doesn’t mention the egregious aspect of Obama’s trolling–at least in my opinion.

Obama accused the Republicans of helping ISIS recruitment. He thinks their desire to vet refugees is some kind of insult. I would think that fear of ISIS terrorists infiltrating refugees so that people don’t want to risk letting them in would be a reason for people to hate ISIS.

Obama thinks that this will encourage ISIS recruitment. But what about drone strikes killing people almost at random? Obama has been creating new bereaved siblings, parents, and children throughout his time in office.

But that’s just indirect help to ISIS recruitment. The President has also created two major recruitment programs that probably started the group!

Their first major action was recruiting, arming, and supporting Islamic terrorists to overthrow Libya. It resulted in the murder of our own ambasador and three soldiers. From overthrowing Libya, jihadists got new weapons which they used for Obama’s next recruitment program, Syria.

Obama is being quite brazen to accuse Republicans of helping ISIS.