Obama Administration Making Grab for Control of Internet

The mystery surrounding the Obama Administration’s “Net Neutrality” rules is giving way to panic, even on the Left.


The Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler has refused, on the eve of the rules change, to even speak to Congress, which suddenly has a lot of questions.

Questions are understandable, since even Silicon Valley advocates of Net Neutrality seem incapable of explaining what it is and why we need it.

Gives the little guy a break, regulates the Internet, increases competition, raises taxes, slows down data speed, lines the pockets of Facebook and other big companies … take your pick. Nobody seems to know for sure because the FCC isn’t talking about the contents of its 300-plus pages of orders and rules changes.

This is another one of Emperor Obama’s end runs around Congress, and it may be one the Left is ultimately happy with, though many of them are recoiling in terror right now.

That’s because at the heart of Net Neutrality is a huge power grab by an Administration hungry to control all information in the United States.

[See also, “FCC Chair Spits on Congress; Will Suffer Nothing.”]

It’s not enough that the NSA already absorbs most of the data sent in the United States, or that the Obama Administration has tremendous control over the flow of news through its White House press agency/Media Matters complex, or that the fawning media will do what Obama says up to and including remove already-published stories from websites.

What Obama and his handlers want is to be able to have total control over which stories are covered and not covered in the media.

At least, that’s the concern of critics who remember the government’s spying on journalists’ computers and phone records, along with harassment of conservatives by the IRS.

That’s also the hope of some high-profile Democrats, such as Hillary Clinton, who must be drooling at the possibility of being president with control over the entire Internet.

It’s one of the favorite tactics of would-be dictators throughout history: Get ahold of the information sources in a country and you can control what’s said about you, your inner cabal, your government, your enemies. He who controls the information controls the people.

Never fear. I’m sure Obama only has the best intentions, and his minions are only keeping the rules quiet so that America can enjoy its surprise.

You know you have to pass these things to know what’s in them. Like Obamacare. Look how well that’s working out.

This package of rules is doubly interesting because Wheeler has apparently made some last-minute changes at the request of Google and some other special-interest groups, but he has no time to talk to Congress.

This Net Neutrality business has been a struggle for years. Almost since Obama got in office. A coincidence, I’m sure.

Some of the groups advocating heavily for the regs have managed to get people jobs on the White House staff, according to the Washington Examiner. Lucky happenstance.

Those same groups have received $196 million from George Soros in recent years, the Examiner reported. A fluke.

There is nothing to fear. I mean, the rules have the word “Neutrality” in the title.

What’s there to worry about?