Obama Administration Removes a Remaining Level of Accountability

How can you expect accountability if you have to ask the permission of the person being held accountable?

Here’s another heroic deed performed by the most transparent Administration in history.

The Washington Post reports, “Justice Dept. watchdog blasts his own agency for blocking access to wiretaps, grand jury cases and says his job is undermined.”

The Obama administration has ruled that inspectors general have to get permission from the agency they’re monitoring for access to wiretaps, grand jury and credit information, a decision that immediately was denounced by watchdogs and lawmakers.

The Justice Department’s inspector general said the 58-page ruling released Thursday by the agency’s Office of Legal Counsel will undermine his ability to do his job rooting out fraud and corruption.

“Without such access, our office’s ability to conduct its work will be significantly impaired, and it will be more difficult for us to detect and deter waste, fraud, and abuse, and to protect taxpayer dollars,” Inspector General Michael E. Horowitz said in a statement. Horowitz is chairman of the Council of the Inspectors General on Integrity and Efficiency, a watchdog over the watchdogs that also sets policy.

“Congress meant what it said when it authorized Inspectors General to independently access ‘all’ documents necessary to conduct effective oversight,” he said.

His disapproval was followed by a bipartisan condemnation from four congressional leaders whose committees have oversight over DOJ, citing numerous inquiries the agency has delayed or blocked by making it harder for investigators’ to get the records they need, particularly intercepted communications.

So Congress passed a law to keep the Department of Justice accountable and the President has effectively changed that law on his own authority. Like with Obamacare waivers or immigration enforcement. This man has only one move and he just uses it over and over again!

Barack Obama has set precedents that will spell the end of this country. The Constitution is useless if the President can simply do whatever he wants. And when a President knows he will never be punished, he has no reason to restrain himself.