Obama Administration Thinks If They Pretend Not To See Defeat It Will Go Away

The White House is giving reality the silent treatment. Pretending it doesn’t exist.

From the Washington Times: “White House: Obamacare didn’t matter in Florida special election.”

The White House doesn’t believe that Obamacare played a role in David Jolly’s special election victory in Florida on Tuesday.

Mr. Jolly, a Republican, bested Democrat Alex Sink in the race to fill the late Rep. Bill Young’s 13th congressional district seat. The election was seen as an early indication of how the health-care reform law, its rollout and consequences will play among voters during midterm elections this November.

Even though Obamacare was a central issue in the Florida race, the Obama administration doesn’t believe it swayed voters.

“Any fair assessment of the role the debate about the Affordable Care Act played reaches the conclusion that, at best, for Republicans it was a draw,” White House press secretary Jay Carney told reporters Wednesday. “It was not a negative or positive. It was not the decisive factor.”

Carney’s only argument is that Jolly didn’t mention Obamacare in his victory speech. But that hardly matters. Consider what Politico wrote before the election:

The stakes are particularly high for Democrats. The party has bet big on Alex Sink, Florida’s former chief financial officer and the Democrats’ 2010 gubernatorial nominee, in the race for the swing 13th Congressional District, which encompasses part of the St. Petersburg area. A win, Democrats hope, will deflate the conventional wisdom that 2014 is destined to go south for them.

For the GOP, the race has been an opportunity to test-drive attacks on Obamacare, which are certain to be the centerpiece of its argument in this year’s midterm elections.

Politico.com is hardly a right wing publication.

The fact is that the White House is doing to the Jolly victory what they have been doing to all the many failures of Obamacare. They ignore them. They pretend nothing is wrong. They act as if the horribly low numbers of people signing up for coverage are not going to hurt the law.

It would be great if we could afford to simply laugh and point at the Administration as it goes toward destruction. But, in our bizarre media environment, one never knows how much the media will cover for Obama and how many will be gullible enough to believe it.

The David Jolly election is a great sign, but it should make us redouble our efforts, not relax.