The Obama Apology: Better Than Nothing But Insufficient

Since I can’t stand Obama and think his agenda is evil, it is easy to want to put a negative spin on his apology. It would also be easy because he doesn’t admit that he lied, which I think is the salient point.

However, it does sound like he is apologizing for what he said, and acknowledging the pain he caused by what he said. That is, frankly, more than I ever expected from him.

I am sorry that they are finding themselves in this situation based on assurances they got from me. We’ve got to work hard to make sure that they know we hear them and we are going to do everything we can to deal with folks who find themselves in a tough position as a consequence of this.

OK, perhaps it is good to state for the record why we can’t just move on in the direction that Obama seems to want us to move. For the purposes of this explanation, I’m going to let go of the issue of alleged evil motives.

Obama promised that Obamacare was going to improve (not replace with a perfect system but still improve) the healthcare situation we were in before the Affordable Care Act was passed. There are reports that some people are truly better off now than they were before (though I’m not sure how many really have a policy under the Affordable Care Act and how many were simply signed up for Medicare). But there are many more reports of not only losing one’s insurance, but of considerable increases in cost with new plans. Many clearly perceive that we are now in a worse situation from what he had before.

So, given that Obama “fixed” things that he said were broken by making them worse, it is of no comfort for him to respond to the more broken system by promising to fix it. Given past experience, we have every reason to believe that Obama’s interventions will take a worsened situation and make it still worse.

In fact, this is Obama’s track record. His cash for clunker’s program was a failure which, like a bad omen, even featured a computer system that didn’t work.

The computer system was overloaded, according to the dealers. They said they would finish one page in the application, hit enter and nothing would happen. Eventually a message would appear notifying the dealer that the page had “timed out.”

Tom Frew, the business manager at Galpin Motors in Los Angeles, said that he needed 35 tries to register just one of the company’s 11 dealerships on the day that the program opened because of problems with the government Web site. On Friday, he spent an hour processing just one rebate application, he said.

“It’s probably anywhere from 30- to 60-second delays between mouse clicks,” he said. Each application can have up to 11 attachments.

But sitting in front of a computer is not the top priority for most of the company’s employees — instead, their job is to “aggressively go out and handle all the customers that are flocking to the showrooms,” he said.

Remember the stimulus that was needed to keep unemployment from exceeding eight percent and instead reduced it to ten percent in October 2009?

That’s “government that works” for Obama. No apology, no matter how sincere, can justify faith in Obama’s vision.

Remember that song, “Too Late to Apologize” by One Republic? Here’s a more appropriate version: