Obama Artist Paints Gun Owners as ‘Satan’

Few things are more obnoxious than atheists lecturing Christians about what they think the Bible says or should say.

One of those however would be an atheist artist lecturing Christians in service of his political master’s dogma.

Shepard Fairey barely deserves the title of artist. He’s the hack who designed the Obama “Hope” poster that helped usher in the Age of Obama.

Fairey received two years’ probation and a $25,000 fine for contempt of court in a lawsuit related to that poster, which he based on a copyrighted Associated Press photo.

His body of work smacks of Soviet Union-style propaganda state art. Most of it appears to be Photoshopped from other people’s photographs. Prominent in some of his works is the “OBEY” theme that has been cropping up on T-shirts of late — fitting for a supporter of the Obama regime. The Institute of Contemporary Art called Fairey “one of the most influential street artists of our time.”

Now Fairey’s back in the news with another of his Soviet-style posters, this one comparing Christian gun owners to servants of Satan. Here’s the artist’s statement:

If god tells us to love our neighbor and not to take another human life, where do the assault weapons and piles of ammo fit into these “Christian values”? I personally think assault weapons fall more in the “Satan’s values” category. I’m not religious, and the text in this print is designed more to illustrate the hypocrisy and contrast between “values” and actions in this country than to make a religious statement. Anyway, if you claim to dig god, lay off of satan’s tools…. if you don’t believe in god, lay off of satan’s tools! We live in statistically the safest time in human history, so the idea one would need an assault weapon for self defense is ridiculous. These weapons are tools of aggression, not defense. and any sane person not clouded by irrational fear would reach the same conclusion. When I ponder the demand for these killing machines, I see Satan metaphorically at work in the darkest, fear-based impulses of humanity. We can rise above and be better!

ObeyObamaChristians who know their Bible won’t buy into Fairey’s nonsense. The Ten Commandments tell us “you shall not murder.” They don’t say anything about letting yourself be a victim or standing by while your family, friends or community are victimized.

Living in “statistically the safest time” is almost as absurd a reason to give up your ability to defend yourself as Fairey’s liberal spin on Bible snippets.

The most ridiculous aspect of this latest Fairey project, though, is the idea of an atheist who supported the socialist Barack Obama decreeing guns to be the tools of Satan and telling Christians to give them up.

If anything, Christians need to be well-armed now more than ever to keep the forces of Satan, including Marxist street artists, at bay.