Obama Blissfully Unaware of His Own Class Envy Campaign?

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Obama opined, “And I don’t think you or anybody who’s been watching the campaign would say that in any way we have tried to divide the country. We’ve always tried to bring the country together.” Seriously? He doesn’t think anybody would say that? Oh, what he probably meant was, “I don’t think anybody would say I’m trying to divide the country… No, no… pretty much everybody—not just anybody—has said that.” Just to clear it up for the president, since he obviously has a lot on his plate, I’ll recount a few of the very public declarations that Obama has tried, and is trying, to divide the country for political gain:

From the Wall Street Journal:

After securing victory in all five Republican presidential primary contests last night, Mitt Romney told an audience in New Hampshire that President Obama is resorting to class warfare because he can’t run on his record.

How about these words from Romney’s VP pick, Paul Ryan:

He gave us a message of hope three years ago of uniting, not dividing. And what we’re getting now is class warfare. We’re getting very polarizing rhetoric that puts class against class, pits people against one another. And I would simply say sowing social unrest and class resentment does not make America stronger, it makes America weaker.

So at least Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan have said Obama has tried to divide the country. But numerous other people have also made this argument: from Penn Jillette to Donald Trump.

But none of them have been “watching the campaign,” I’m sure. Maybe Obama needs to watch more of his campaign. What about that heavy-handed TV ad from the perspective of Romney’s dressage horse Rafalca that stated the horse would have better healthcare than the average American if Romney were elected? It came complete with an obnoxiously uppity harpsichord backing track and an insufferably haughty Sarah Jessica Parker putting words in the horse’s mouth (it was unsurprisingly one of Parker’s more natural acting performances).  Obama must have taken more vacation days than I thought, because he is completely out of touch with reality. Or he’s a shameless liar. Actually, those two options are not in any sense mutually exclusive. He’s proven to be both at one time or another.

And as for class warfare, what should we expect? Obama is just taking a cue card from the long line of socialist/communist “leaders” that have preceded him. The first step in fomenting a revolution from “below” is to create class-consciousness, as both Marx and Lenin knew. If the people aren’t made aware of all that they don’t have, they might be happy working for wages or living on charity rather than owning the means of production. Lenin believed that class awareness resulted in class struggle resulted in revolution resulted in communist victory. I’m sure Obama, being a Harvard grad, is completely unaware of all that as well though. I don’t think you or anybody would say that Harvard is a bastion of Marxism or anything.

By the way, Obama, I just said that you are trying to divide the country in typical Marxist/Leninist style in order to gain and maintain political power. Let me say it again just to make sure you’re getting it: you are attempting to leverage class envy to get re-elected.