Obama Campaign: The Die is Cast

The good news is the end of the Obama Administration may be near.

The bad news is that for now we still have to put up with the layers of lies, self-delusions and narcissism as the Benghazi coverup and economy continue to unravel.

On the economic front, gross domestic product for the third quarter of the year was reported at a paltry 2 percent, meaning the year is coming in at 1.74 percent, below last year’s weak 1.8 percent.

And that’s with a last-minute burst of government spending that kicked the GDP slightly higher than markets were expecting. The figure isn’t likely to stand, though. The previous quarter’s figures were revised downward last month by 0.4 percent.

In the Benghazi scandal, the Administration’s story continues to unravel, with CIA Director David Petraeus denying that he or anyone at the CIA was responsible for denying three times the requests for emergency backup from SEALs at the Benghazi compound.

Fox News reported the denial of the requests Friday, and President Obama dodged questions about the report on KUSA-TV, though he did seem to indicate he knew about the attack as it was happening.

The mainstream media are trying to bury the story because it likely would be the kiss of death, as it should be, for Obama’s re-election.

The Weekly Standard notes that leaves only the president himself who would have made the call to deny military assistance to the SEALs.

The father of slain SEAL Ty Woods, Charles Woods, called the White House’s explanations about Benghazi a “pack of lies,” and Sen. John McCain and others are demanding the surveillance video of the attack be declassified.

None of this can contain the self-delusion at the heart of the Obama campaign. As David Axelrod said Friday, “In my view we have got the lead and the ball and now it is a matter of executing the final ten days of the campaign.”

Based on the news coming out about the Obama Administration in these last days, “execute” might not be as apt a word for the president’s campaign as “suicide.”