Obama: ‘I Can Do Whatever I Want’

President Obama’s abuses of power are well-known and numerous, so when he said within earshot of the press, “That’s the good thing as a president, I can do whatever I want,” during a tour of Monticello, he was really just confirming what we already know.

The soundbite occurred as Obama and guest, French President Hollande, were bending the rules at Monticello by touring a normally restricted area.

It was a nothing maneuver, probably done deliberately so the press would run with the quote and get conservatives’ ire up on a day when the White House once again did whatever Obama wants by unilaterally and illegally altering the Affordable Care Act, and the Department of Justice announced it will violate states’ laws on homosexual “marriage” across the country.

Obama isn’t a tyrant because of what he said; he said what he did because he’s a tyrant.

The attitude of “I can do whatever I want” is typical of Obama’s clinical narcissistic personality.

The story of Narcissus is the tale of a young man who considered himself so handsome that he couldn’t stop gazing at his own reflection in the water of a slow-moving river. The gods, the myth goes, realized that Narcissus wasn’t good for anything else, so they turned him into a flower.

The problem with having narcissists in charge of anything is that they can’t see or acknowledge any value to anything outside themselves and what they want, including laws, traditions and ideas.

So for Obama, it’s only natural that he should be able to alter the law at a whim, especially when it bears his name.

On Monday, the White House announced the president is delaying the Obamacare mandate for medium-size businesses until 2016. Businesses with 100 or more employees will have to comply by 2015 — at least until Obama changes the law again for them.

The DOJ, led by henchman Eric Holder, also acted on “whatever” the president wants in promoting the homosexual agenda, one of Obama’s pet projects.

The DOJ has announced that it will offer legal protection to same-sex couples in all programs it administers. This will give homosexual couples a variety of legal privileges normally extended to spouses, including the right not to testify against each other, prison visitation and survivor benefits.

This will be the federal policy in all 50 states, regardless of the laws on homosexual marriages, and will inevitably affect the cases the DOJ will or will not pursue. As the Obama Administration has decided it doesn’t need to follow anybody’s rules but its own, it’s a sure bet the Administration plans to trample all over states’ rights in pursuing the further destruction of the American family.

You can also expect the feds to continue intruding on the education process by pursuing “anti-discrimination” cases intended to ease the indoctrination of children.

Think of Obama as the anti-Spider-Man, to draw a pop culture parallel. Spider-Man is known for his fundamental moral principle, “With great power comes great responsibility.”

Obama’s credo would best be described as “With great power comes great privilege.” The more power he is given, the more he will take advantage of it, and the more he will want.

Some people even on the Right still bristle at comparisons of Obama to Hitler or Stalin, but it’s clear that he is on the same destructive path taken by every would-be emperor since the dawn of human history. He doesn’t trust his “subjects,” he doesn’t care for their laws or traditions, he has turned potential allies into foes, and finally turned to eliminating his enemies (congressional Republicans) even if it means neutralizing his Democratic supporters as well.

Even though it was spurred by a seemingly innocuous event, it seems likely the phrase “I can do whatever I want” will one day be the final word on this Administration.