Obama-chaos: Obamacare Continues to Wreck Doctors

Since we are now in a brief Obamacare “surge” of propaganda that the Affordable Care Act is “working,” here’s a bit of reality to face. A CNBC headline: “Physician says Obamacare is causing ‘chaos’ for doctors.”

The administration is furiously trying to rectify another Obamacare issue: faulty enrollment data that could soon become a significant headache for consumers and insurers.

The latter say much of the information they have received is practically useless, which means some consumers might not be able to get access to benefits on Jan. 1, the date their coverage is scheduled to take effect.

Dr. Bill Grace, founder of Grace Oncology in NYC and an assistant professor of clinical medicine at New York Medical College, told CNBC Monday night that the enrollment problems also are causing significant problems for doctors.

“Right now that back end is in chaos. … We don’t even know if we should sign up for these plans, because we have a suspicion that many of [them] offer very little reimbursement or offer a loss to the physicians who are going to see these patients,” Grace told Larry Kudlow on CNBC’s “Kudlow Report”.

“No physician wants to take money out of his pocket and put it in the government’s.”

Let me just summarize the two salient points. The first is emphasized in the interview with reference to the “front end,” “back end” and the “back back end.”

We have several levels of disruption.

  1. The difficulty of using the healthcare.gov site to enroll in an insurance plan
  2. The difficulty of the insurance company actually getting your information and billing you as a customer.
  3. The difficulty of the doctor knowing whether or not you are on a plan.

In other words, in January the doctor might not have any way of knowing you are insured and you probably won’t know for sure either since you won’t know where the breakdown occurred.

I’ve already pointed out that the “chaos” works well for a plan to just hand over a huge wad of taxpayer cash to the insurance companies. But I doubt doctors are going to get in on the action.

But the second point is even scarier. Despite all the stories we have already seen of doctors opting out, that may only be the beginning. Doctors are suspicious that these plans are going to try to shaft them the way Medicaid shafts them. If that proves to be true, we haven’t even begun to realize just how few doctors will be available to those who are enrolled in a plan under the Affordable Care Act.

This is basic socialism 101 people! Lowering prices leads to shortages. Of course, most people will be paying more for their insurance because of the additional “benefits” that are mandated as part of the coverage. So when you are unable to see a doctor about a serious medical issue, you can take comfort that you can get a counselor to deal with your depression.

How long are the American people going to allow our rulers to pretend they can take better care of us than we can take care of ourselves?