Obama Commits More Troops to Fighting Ebola Than Fighting ISIS

President Obama is expected to announce today that he will commit to sending in 3,000 pairs of “boots on the ground” in a major shift in the global fight on … ebola.

Meanwhile, ISIS continues to rampage through Iraq virtually unchecked. As the Islamic State, which Obama insists is neither Islamic nor a state, continues to roll back the gains a generation of U.S. troops lost blood and lives to secure, our president shows less interest in fighting the terrorist caliphate than he suddenly shows in fighting a disease that the government assures us is not a threat to America.

The troops will be sent to West Africa, along with mobile hospitals, medical personnel and other necessary supplies as the virus outbreak is exploding. Ebola has between a 60 and 90 percent fatality rate depending on the strain, and it has claimed some 2,400 lives during the current outbreak in five different countries.

ISIS, on the other hand, is estimated to have killed more than 30,000 people since our troops left Iraq in 2011. It likes to videotape beheadings of prisoners, it is drawing converts from all around the globe, including the U.S., and it has made clear that it has ambitions of bringing terror to the United States.

The White House still claims that ebola poses no threat to the United States, but the Administration has already spent $100 million fighting it, the Pentagon is requesting $500 million from Congress, the Agency for International Development is allocating $75 million, and the White House is requesting Congress to approve an additional $88 million.

Back at the fight against ISIS, the Administration has been sending mixed signals about its commitment to the fight, with both the president and Secretary of State John Kerry last week insisting we are not going to war against ISIS, which they call ISIL. Military and other Administration officials, however, have contradicted both bosses.

The battle plan against ISIS, unlike that against ebola, will not involve U.S. troops on the ground, except in an advisory capacity to Iraqi military forces. Obama has approved airstrikes, but nothing that would enable the U.S. to drive ISIS out of its territory and hold it. In other words, the key element to winning any war is missing.

Many critics have noted Obama’s obvious reluctance to actually fight ISIS, and it is hampering efforts to build a “coalition” of countries to fight the Islamist group, which has declared itself a caliphate. Muslim┬ácountries, of course, don’t want to go to war with ISIS because it would mean they were attacking Islam. No matter what the Obama Administration and Democrats say, ISIS is solidly within the Islamic fold.

So now our president turns willingly toward the fight against ebola — anything to distract him and the world from that nasty ISIS situation that he helped create.

Now, the U.S. getting involved in working to stop the ebola outbreak is not necessarily a bad thing, and this Administration may wind up doing some good for once.

But it serves as just another squirrel to make the Obama zombies forget that our president has brought us to the brink of what may turn into another world war.