Obama: Courting Muslims, Promising to Censor Christians, & Accusing Free Speech of Terrorism

Obama’s speech to the United Nations might arguably be described as a “false flag” attack on free speech. He blamed individuals exercising their free speech (as far as we know) who said things that offended Muslims. As one writer pointed out:

President Obama’s address indicated he doesn’t grasp, or doesn’t want to grasp, grievous threats to American national security, let alone Israel’s. During the most important general foreign policy address in his annual schedule, he referred a whopping six times to a single anti-Muslim YouTube “video” – which he has helped make famous.  In his words: the “video sparked outrage.”  “We understand why people take offense at this video.”  And so on and so forth.

But the writer was being kind. Obama could not possibly have been ignorant that the attack was pre-planned and orchestrated by terrorist groups.

By the time of his speech, the Libyan president and members of Obama’s own administration, had already called the murder of an American ambassador on the anniversary of 9/11 a terror attack and fingered Al Qaeda.  And yet, President Obama never referred to the strike in Libya as terrorism and trumpeted a “weakened” Al Qaeda.

Well, now Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has admitted at the same United Nations meeting that “Al Qaeda” far from being weakened, is now spreading in Africa and was probably responsible for the attack. In fact, she provided details that show the US now thinks this plot was international. The New York Times story pointed out:

The cooperation with other nations beyond Libya in the investigations also seemed to indicate that the attack’s planning and execution might have crossed international borders and not simply have been a local, spontaneous eruption of violence in response to an amateurish Internet video denigrating the Prophet Muhammad (emphasis added).

Clinton is still pretending, of course, that toppling Libya was done for the sake of all the huge numbers of oppressed modern democrats yearning for an American-like pluralistic Republic. She speaks as if the presence of terrorists is merely an accident. In reality, we actually armed and empowered terrorists in order to destroy the Gaddafi regime but the media pretends that no one understands this.

In the meantime, why is the President promising, as he said in his UN speech: “The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam”? Christians know that Muhammad was a false prophet. That’s a non-negotiable position. Eliminating “slander” is not going to be possible unless free speech is ended and, specifically, Christian doctrine is banned from public expression. Obama is making his own failures an excuse to speak against Christianity.