Obama Disarms Americans While Arming Our Somalian and Egyptian Enemies

Last year, President Barack Obama began sending arms and fighter jets to Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood leadership.  It didn’t seem to matter to him that many in the Muslim Brotherhood, including Egypt’s President Morsi have vowed to seek the destruction of America.  Against the wishes of Congress, Obama ordered the freeing of millions of dollars to Egypt that Congress had frozen because of their terrorist actions.

Within days of the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School, Obama began his campaign to disarm Americans.  In the guise of preventing more violence like Sandy Hook, Aurora, Virginia Tech and Columbine, Obama is pushing a number of bills that are direct violations of the Second Amendment, but he doesn’t care about the Constitution anyway, does he!

Like a wolf in sheep’s clothing, Obama repeatedly tells the American people that he has no intention of disarming them entirely.  He just wants to ban assault and assault-style weapons because they are involved in so many shootings like Sandy Hook.  What he doesn’t tell the American people is that rifles in general account for only 3% of gun violence and that assault – assault-style rifles are a subset of that 3%.

Earlier this week, Obama mocked and jeered the accusations that he was planning to ban all guns.  However, we all know that truth is often hidden in jest.  Other countries that disarmed their citizens started the process in a similar way and we’ve seen what happened there.

This week, Obama launched a vigorous anti-gun campaign in an effort to get the public to put pressure on Congress to pass the anti-gun laws in the Senate and House.  He has even resorted to exploiting some of the families of the Sandy Hook victims, parading them around and flying them on Air Force One at our expense.  Short of making dictatorial rulings, which would not be surprising at this stage of the game, Obama will stop at nothing to get these anti-Constitutional laws passed.

While he is pushing to disarm Americans, Obama turns around and uses a ‘presidential determination’ to allow for funding of weapons and services to Somalia.  Obama said he made the decision because he believes it will help the US and promote world peace (was he a beauty contest contestant in a movie somewhere?) by helping the Somalian government fight against the Al-Shabaab terrorists.

Newly appointed Secretary of State John Kerry has been given the task of determining what weapons and equipment the US will make available to the Somalian government.

The problem I see with this is that weapons we supplied to Egypt are now being used to persecute and rid the nation of Christians.  The weapons we supplied to help Libyan rebels are now being used by Islamic terrorists in places like Syria.

But why is Obama so all fired set on supplying arms to people that hate us and have vowed to destroy us while at the same time pushing to disarm the American people?  The answer that seems viable is that he has an agenda to conquer the US and to either turn it into an Islamic state or socialist state, or perhaps a socialist Islamic state if that is possible.

Can there be any other explanation for Obama’s actions?