Obama Doing What Americans Want Least

When Barack Obama was sworn into office this January for his second term, what did you think were the priorities that needed to be addressed the most?

According to a survey conducted by Pew Research, Americans listed their priorities as:

1.  Strengthening the economy – 86%
2.  Improving job situation – 79%
3.  Reducing budget deficit – 72%
4.  Defending against terrorism – 71%
5.  Making Social Security financially sound – 70%
6.  Improving education – 70%
7.  Making Medicare financially sound – 65%
8.  Reducing health costs – 63%

The lowest priorities listed by Americans were:

17.  Dealing with illegal immigration – 39%
18.  Strengthening gun laws – 37%
21. Dealing with global warming – 28%

So far this year, what have been Obama’s priorities?  Gun laws, immigration and now climate control/global warming.  The number one priority on Obama’s agenda in January was gun control.  When that failed, he turned to immigration and now he’s turning to global warming and climate control.

He’s done little to strengthen the nation’s economy or reduce the national deficit.  The sequestration was a drop in the bucket that had more to do with political posturing than it did reducing the deficit.  In fact, the President’s extravagant lifestyle and family vacations are clear indications that he cares nothing about the economy or the national debt.

As for jobs, Obamacare has already been taking its toll on American jobs.  Many employers have reduced staff because of the increased costs of mandated benefits.  A growing list of employers are making drastic cuts in employees’ hours taking them from 40 hours a week to less than 30 hours so they don’t have to pay them benefits.  Still other employers believe that paying the penalty for not providing benefits is cheaper than actually providing the benefits, so thousands of Americans are losing the employer provided health benefits.

Obama listens to and cares about Americans as much as much as New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg listens to a genetically obese person.  His ears are muffled, his eyes are covered with blinders and his heart is as cold as stone (both Obama and Bloomberg).  Is it any wonder that there is a complete disconnect between the White House, Congress and the American people?