Obama Flexes Imperial Muscles, Raises Federal Workers’ Pay

In what amounts to a preview of the future, President Obama is using an executive order to unilaterally raise the minimum wage for federal contract workers.

The White House announced Tuesday that Obama will completely bypass Congress and sign an executive order to up the federal minimum wage from $7.25 to $10.10 an hour.

The wage will affect new federal contracts and will only affect existing contracts if other terms of those agreements also change.

By raising the minimum wage, even for just a fraction of workers, Obama is of course guaranteeing that  contract holders will try to hire fewer workers in order to save money and keep their profits high. So the net effect, as it always is with minimum wage hikes, will be fewer jobs for some people and inflated costs for all.

But never mind all that. This executive order represents just the beginning of Obama’s imperial stupidity.

The president tonight will give his annual State of  the Union speech. According to the White House, the focus will be on Obama’s plan to eliminate “income inequality” by using executive orders to circumvent Congress.

The operative phrase has been that Obama will work with Congress when possible and go around Congress when necessary.

In other words, so long as Congress does what he dictates, he will continue to allow its members, our elected representatives, to pretend to be relevant, but the reality will be that the government is now under his sole control.

If Obama’s State of the Union message is as the White House has announced, Obama will be the first king of the United States, representing the first monarchy ruling over this country since we kicked King George’s troops out in the Revolution.

You read that right.

Because what else other than a monarchy or dictatorship would you call a government run by one man with absolute authority to make or break the laws?

The expected burying of the American Constitution is being heartily applauded in liberal corners.

MSNBC’s Ed Schultz was thrilled, urging Obama to waste no time in ignoring Congress and legislating by royal decree. “President Obama is exactly right to take action without Congress,” Schultz said. “And he would be inept if he did not do it on the part of the Progressive movement. Because that’s what he ran on! Hope and change. We’ve done the hopin’, now it’s time for the changin’.”

So have we come to the moment where the Left finally reveals itself as what many of us have known it to be all along, a dictatorial Marxist effort to destroy America?

It sounds like we have.

And if that’s so, we have also arrived at the moment when Americans need to decide if they want to live in freedom and uphold the values of the Founding Fathers, or if they would rather live in the very sort of Communist/National Socialist state America has helped so many other countries reject.

Tune in tonight.