Obama a Half-Pint King Clutching his Tiny Scepter

Most tyrants have the good sense to have the Army in their back pocket before declaring themselves rulers of all they survey.

But not President Barack Hussein Obama, who proudly declared this week that he has “a pen” and “a phone” and that he would use them to write executive orders and executive actions to bypass Congress if it doesn’t pass the laws he wants.

“We are not just going to be waiting for legislation in order to make sure that we are providing Americans the kind of help that they need. I’ve got a pen and I’ve got a phone,” he told his Cabinet at its first meeting of the year, which Obama has dubbed the “year of action.”

It’s a declaration of dictatorship that’s been a long time coming. Obama simply believes that he, and he alone, has the authority to make law in this former representative republic.

He’ll allow Congress to continue to pretend to have power, so long as it pleases him, but make no mistake, it’s all about Obama now.

Like Napoleon, Obama has crowned himself. He actually did it a couple of years ago, the first time he wrote an executive order overruling Congress.

But he hasn’t got the courage of a Napoleon, so he was hoping nobody would notice as he flexed his power, began issuing orders to increase gun restrictions, to stop a congressional investigation into Fast and Furious, to tell agencies to change regulations that put into effect legislation that had been rejected by Congress.

Congress, that bastion of the people’s representatives, could have stopped Obama long ago, and they should have. There is no way that Obama’s planned rule by executive fiat is constitutional.

But instead, Congress has gone along with the president’s power grab. It would be comforting to blame Democrats. After all, Obama is their guy, and they have marched in lockstep to his drumbeat like good little goosestepping thugs. But congressional Republicans, while they may not have applauded, did nothing to stop what was plain to see from developing.

Thanks to Democrats en masse and the GOP’s RINO leadership, our Congress, like the French Senat conservateur did for Napoleon, has vested all power in the emperor, but without taking the political risk of admitting they’ve done so.

Like the French people, American voters have gone along by voting the would-be emperor into office twice, despite clear warning signs. Enough people in this country have been brainwashed into the socialist cult that the ever-growing concentration of power in government does not raise the alarms it should sound.

But when one man thinks all that power belongs to him, then we’ve got a huge problem.

Obama thinks his pen is a scepter, his phone a royal seal. Obama has announced his intent to overthrow the Constitution. How much further are we going to let this go?