Obama is the Ivy-league Educated Al Sharpton

With the recent release of videos documenting Barack Hussein Obama’s black militancy our President’s agenda is finally being revealed to the world. The only difference between Barack Obama and Al Sharpton is an Ivy-league education, a rap sheet and a religious disguise. In all fairness it seems President Obama has better taste in clothes and hairstyle, but culture aside there isn’t a sliver of sunlight separating either black activist’s ideologies.

To truly understand the Obama/Sharpton parallel we need to revisit New York in the 80’s when Reverend Al was just a local community activist working out of a Harlem storefront. It seems opportunity to insight racial tensions in the big Apple were always knocking at Sharpton’s door. Reverend Al’s version of political Affirmative action involved slander of white public officials as racist, manufacturing of racial hoaxes to extort financial concessions and the vilifying of non-black business owners as parasites feeding on black urban communities. Being broke and unknown Sharpton seized on this manna from political heaven to use his anti-Semitic vitriol to defeat a long standing popular Jewish Mayor, Ed Koch in favor of a tax evading black candidate named David Dinkins.

Barack Obama’s recent unveiling courtesy of brave patriots shows us many distinct similarities when compared to black activists like Sharpton. However the Obama brand of community organizing and anti-Semitism is not restricted to urban America. An Ivy-league education has provided this radical community organizer turned politician with an opportunity rich national forum for spreading his dangerous cult of black extremism and anti-Semitic foreign policy.

Unlike Sharpton, Obama’s mechanism for stirring racial tension is surrogate driven. However misguided it may be I give Sharpton some credit for his public courage; after all he is always his own point man unlike Obama who hides behind white mouthpieces who do his dirty work for him. Liberal purchase of a friendly and complicit national media silence has insulated our President from honest scrutiny; and Obama’s reputation much like todays Sharpton credibility quotient is simply a product of historical omission. President Obama has made his bones inciting black disdain for white America while feeding at an extortionist’s banquet. Chicago community organizing cannot be accurately described as a legitimate business enterprise when at its core is fraud and a fundamental desire to screw white communities to service black advancement.

As past Obama speeches have revealed, our President has prayed on American gullibility and extorted his position as our nation’s leader with the intent of benefiting one segment of our great melting pot. The agendas revealed by recently broadcast video of the Presidents biases can no longer be disputed. Much in the same way that Sharpton led race based boycotts of Korean owned groceries led to New York taxpayers funding black economic empowerment zones (and Sharpton’s public service ascent); tens of billions of federal tax payer dollars (under Obama’s stewardship) are being washed through allegedly legitimate government programs to establish black business ownership.

All over the city I now call home we have seen black business start-ups multiply exponentially under  Obama Administration minority business grant programs. Take notice grants do not require repayment like traditional SBA backed loans and as such this “Free” money is being squandered by fictitious start-ups. The unspoken outcome of Obama mandated federally funded black empowerment is an obscene degree of tolerated fraud being perpetrated against our treasury; as many if not most black business never open their doors and simply fade away along with the grant money so carelessly redistributed with no oversight. Today in Houston Texas a two year old black owned hair salon and lemonade manufacturer funded through federal grant money have yet to open the doors to their taxpayer financed business. How many more business failures can our nation continue to finance?

Sharpton had Tawana Brawley and Obama his Sandra Fluke; two opportunistic victims of manufactured white male atrocities. For brief yet fleeting moments both became the fraudulent spark igniting nothing more than a publicity campaign designed to extort punitive damages for crimes not committed and bring notoriety to Sharpton and Obama respectively.  The history of Sharpton and Obama messaging was conceived by a lust for illegitimate reparations spawned by media supported career extortionists.  Finally Obama is being exposed and his supportive American base can no longer deny our Presidents well-guarded agendas. Sometimes technology is a wonderful thing.