Obama, Media Foiled as Netanyahu Pulls Off Stunning Win

The fat lady is singin’ in Israel today, loud and clear.

Despite recent snubs by President Obama, Nancy Pelosi and the majority of the Democratic Party; despite predictions by the media of a tight race and possible loss; despite endless invective by pro-Palestinian groups; despite the rise in global anti-Semitism that has inspired Progressive types to call for a “softer” Israel — Bibi pulled it out of his hat.

Not only was Israel’s election a win for Netanyahu’s Likud Party, it was a sweeping win against liberal sentiment that wasn’t even close.

At the end of the night, Likud won 30 Knesset seats. Its nearest opponent, the Zionist Union, won 24. Trailing far behind was the Arab-led Joint List party, with 14 seats. Seven other parties divided the remainder of the seats that were up for grabs.

Israel’s is a coalition-style government, and yesterday’s win means Netanyahu will remain as prime minister.

That’s bad news for Obama, whose Administration has developed a particularly icy relationship with Netanyahu’s Israel. Obama’s foreign policy of late — from his feeble show of force against an ever-expanding ISIS and his Administration’s no-show at the Charlie Hebdo demonstration in Paris, to his push for a contemptible agreement with the slavering, nuclear-mad leaders of Iran — has taken a noticeable anti-Israel, pro-Muslim turn.

Now, Obama never actually said in his ghost-written autobiography that he would side with all Muslims “should the winds shift in an ugly direction,” but his statement has been — fairly, I think — taken to have that meaning in the larger context of his clearly pro-Muslim Administration.

His own Muslim sentiments stem no doubt from his childhood when he was raised and enrolled in an Indonesian public school as a Muslim. That, combined with prodding from Valerie Jarrett and other high-level Muslim Brotherhood-linked officials, has led to a foreign policy that has proven on the ground to be favorable for the Muslim Brotherhood and its numerous terrorist affiliates in countries around the globe, and less favorable for voices of civilization.

When even Saudi Arabia is telling you the agreement you’re about to make with Iran is bad, you should listen. Obama, however, is turning his usual deaf ear to sensible voices both foreign and domestic.

Netanyahu is one of those voices, and the occasion of his visit to Congress to deliver one of the most stirring speeches given in Washington in recent memory prompted Obama, his Administration, Nancy Pelosi and the rest of the Democrats to use the excuse of a minor breach of protocol to behave like whiny children in front of the world.

Obama, who likes to drone on about “real” Islam and “moderate” Muslims, made it clear that he expects everyone to hate Netanyahu as much as he does.

Last night’s election was the voice of Israeli voters telling Obama to stick it where the sun don’t shine and stop meddling in their country, which has been fighting off Palestinian terrorists and their sponsors, such as Iran, for decades.

Those voices of moderation that the Left always talks about just told American liberals to take a hike. And the world will be better off for it.