Obama As Over-mentor: This is Why You Can’t Have a Sane Constitutional Republic

Fox News tells us that President Barack Obama is

calling on all Americans to get involved with his push to reverse underachievement among young minority men by getting involved with mentorship and tutoring programs. 

Since the President has virtually locked most of these people in perpetual unemployment, I can understand why he is hoping the rest of us can help. I do find it ironic that, in a day when a father can be convicted of a crime for making his child walk home from school that Obama’s mentoring program is called “My brother’s keeper.”

But what I hate about this kind of news story is that it, even in the case of Fox News’ general negative stance on Obama, cultivates the myth and cult of the Presidency. It is an inherently pro-dictator message.

The very idea that Obama or anyone else is capable of caring for all the minority youth in this country is itself a deception. The President has concerns about his party, his nation, his agenda, and a host of international issues. How much time and energy can he possibly be devoting to the problems of underachievement among minority youth?

(A more cynical question: since Barack Obama’s academic records are the best kept secret in the country, does he even really believe that “underachievement” is such a dire thing? But I don’t want to dwell there because my main point here applies to any President regardless of party.)

Why do we even classify minority “underachievement” as a national problem? It should be a problem for people who live in an area where there is an underachieving minority population that they can help. Someone in St. Louis should be devoting time to rallying volunteers for St. Louis’ underachievers. (This would mean, by the way, that volunteers in some areas need to address a minority social class within a white population. There are probably places in Appalachia that count here.)

The President basically had politically savvy assistants put this on his schedule and now it is checked off. Political favors done. PR checklist accomplished. And the only thing this really means is that the President’s minions will spread some money to buy influence and favors throughout various locations in the country.

Obama unveiled the “My Brother’s Keeper” program at the White House in February. Under the initiative, businesses, foundations and community groups coordinate investments to come up with or support programs that help keep young people out of the criminal justice system and improve their access to higher education. 

Several foundations pledged at least $200 million over five years to promote that goal. 

Obama also signed a presidential memorandum creating a government-wide task force to evaluate the effectiveness of various approaches so that federal and local governments, community groups and businesses will have best practices to follow. 

When companies donate money to further the President’s agenda, that should be understood as bribing lobbying the President. Anyone with any brain at all should know that we don’t need a government-funded entity to decide on “best practices to follow.”  This is all smoke and mirrors.

The bottom line there is no person capable of being the caring father to millions of people scattered into various concentrations between the Atlantic and Pacific, as well as in Alaska and Hawaii. The pretense that President Obama can care this much and accomplish anything noteworthy in this area is propaganda for a dictatorial and all-powerful presidency.

It is a delusion that makes the Constitution look like an obstructionist document. Every time we get a story that takes such Presidential claims seriously, the rationality of the people dies a little bit more.