Obama: Only Native Americans Can Object to Amnesty

It should come as no shock and even less surprise that President Obama would choose Thanksgiving to once again display his utter contempt for America.

In a speech in Chicago on Wednesday, Obama defended his royal decree of amnesty for millions of illegal aliens, basically by reciting a bit of Howard Zinn distorted history and telling his critics to shut up.

“If you look at the history of immigration in this country, each successive wave there have been periods where the folks who were already here have said, ‘Well I don’t want those folks.’ Even though the only people who have the right to say that are some Native Americans,” he said.

When colonists first came en masse from Europe to these lands, there was no country, of course. What was here was hundreds of individual nations, many of whom were at war with each other. Supposedly, Native Americans had no concept of land ownership, yet they all still found things worth defending and taking from other tribes.

The European colonists did exactly what many of the Native American nations had been doing for hundreds of years. They found a patch of land they liked, moved in and fought to keep “their” territory.

In other words, they had just as much right to be here as anyone because there was no single government, no single nation whose laws were being violated. There was just land being squabbled over by different people.

That is a 180-degree different situation from Obama’s amnesty proclamation. The United States, by long history and by virtue of having been built by the people who lived here, is a sovereign nation with clearly claimed borders.

It also includes laws to regulate immigration, which Native Americans never had. Those laws were designed to allow foreign immigration at a pace and in a manner that would promote eventual assimilation. The United States never asked any immigrants to give up their heritage, but it has always asked, until recently, that legal immigrants learn to be Americans.

Obama’s amnesty decree is dangerous because it ignores the laws of the United States, established by the people’s representatives before Obama to protect the rights of the citizens and legal residents who are here legally. It also threatens the fabric of the nation itself by willfully importing millions of people who have zero respect for our laws, culture and history but who will be a burden on the system those laws, culture and history built. Obama’s amnesty drags American culture down to the level of a Third World dictatorship.

So His Majesty is mistaken in saying that only Native Americans have a right to complain about amnesty. Rather, every American citizen can and should be protesting loudly that executive orders were never meant to make one man a king who can fabricate and decree laws at a whim.

Not only is Obama’s amnesty illegal, but his lies to excuse his actions are transparent and appalling.