Obama Is The NSA’s Servant, Not Their Boss

Expecting Barack Obama to do anything which runs contrary to the wishes of the information and power freaks at the NSA, and that actually follows the Constitution and protects our privacy is a fool’s dream. Why?

1. Those in power have too much to gain by ready access to “convenient dirt” on citizens who might dare to oppose them. They will never willingly give up the ability to control or smash others.

2. NSA holds the trump card on any politician. Think about it, Barack Obama spent millions to seal the records of his personal history, before running for office. Do you not think the NSA has access to what he so passionately wanted hidden from the American people, and more?

No, Obama—of all people—will never be the one to cross the NSA.

Mike Masnick notes at TechDirt:

What do you get when the President of the United States, rather than take a stand and act as a leader, decides to try to “balance” everything by pretending to promise to end the Section 215 bulk metadata collection, while promising to “retain its capabilities”? And then, after announcing that non-plan, tossing it over to the Attorney General and Congress to sort out the details? Yeah, you get a whole lot of nothing. And, folks in the intelligence community are basically saying that nothing’s going to change because what he’s suggesting isn’t really possible.


And, of course, many assume this was the plan all along.

Say “Hi” to Big Brother; he’s in your life to stay. Worse, he can either turn over the real “dirt” on any of us, or even make up lies, and everyone will believe the false accusations because, well, “You know, they would have access to that information.”

Yep, knowledge is power. The widespread perception of that knowledge can be an even more devastating power. They may not be able to stop terrorists before they kill innocents (Boston bombers, anyone?) but they can sure stop anyone who opposes them.