Would Obama Be OK With Russia If They Beheaded Homosexuals And Christian Converts?

Russia is a nation with many faults and problems. Since I’m an American, I don’t typically worry about them because I think that is up to the Russian people to deal with. As an American my job is to deal with the problems and faults of the United States.

Political liberals in government seem to have a slightly different view. They see what they think are problems and faults in both Russia and in the American people and they use every political tool they can to fix both.

Russia, for all its many real problems, has one important virtue. It is now, having decided it has had enough with atheistic government, a self-consciously Christian nation. This, again, doesn’t make it perfect. As a Protestant I hope and pray that Russia will maintain its Christian faith without becoming intolerant of non-Eastern Orthodox Christians. And there is always the risk that Christian rhetoric will be used to cover injustice or corruption. But wouldn’t it be wonderful if we had that challenge in the United States? There’s no chance that Christianity will be misused when Christianity itself is scorned by our government.

Thus, in the eyes of our governing class, Russia is guilty of the same “sin” as Duck Dynasty—a lack of acceptance of homosexual practice as normal and healthy. President Obama has responded using a method he is already using to pressure other countries.

From the Raw Story:

President Barack Obama Tuesday named two openly gay sports stars to his delegation to the Winter Olympics, sending a pointed message of diversity to Russia amid a furor over its law targeting homosexuals.

Obama chose tennis legend Billie Jean King and women’s ice hockey silver medalist Caitlin Cahow for the US delegation to the Sochi Olympics which begin on February 7.

There was also an apparent message to President Vladimir Putin in the comparatively low-key profile of the US delegation, which lacks even a serving cabinet member, at a time when Washington is also at odds with Moscow over its decision to harbor fugitive American intelligence leaker Edward Snowden.

By contrast, Vice President Joe Biden and his wife Jill headed the US delegation to the Vancouver Winter Olympics in 2010 and First Lady Michelle Obama led US guests at the London Summer Games in 2012.

I doubt Putin or anyone else at the Olympics cares anything about the lack of high-profile delegates to the Olympics. Thanks to our NSA cold war, all the European, Brazilian, and many other delegates are probably happy for them to stay home.

But I would like someone to make the President explain why he pressures and condemns the Russians for their democratically passed laws against homosexuality while never even mentioning the much more horrific and autocratically-imposed laws against homosexuality in Saudi Arabia.

Why are only Christians pressured to cave in to “liberal” values and homosexual acceptance, while our ruling class joins forces with Islamic extremists that torture and kill Christians.