Obama Picks Illuminati Insider to Run Fed

President Obama’s pick to replace Ben Bernanke as the chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank is no improvement. If anything, Janet Yellen is even more of an insider with globalist forces than Bernanke.

Yellen is an influential New Keynesian. She was first appointed under President Clinton to work on the White House Council of Economic Advisers. As you would expect, she was an economics professor at UC Berkeley.

Yellen is known for her theories on “fair” wages. Her writings on the subject were key in developing liberals’ notions of what constitutes fairness in government pay and minimum wages.

As a Keynesian, “new” or otherwise, Yellen is a firm believer in government intervention, and she subscribes to the antiquated notion that letting the government pump money into an economy and lowering interest rates will eventually raise employment levels.

It’s a theory that’s been disproven daily since Obama came into office. The Keynesian approach only results in ever-growing debt and inflation.

As an alternate at the Bank of International Settlements, Yellen is poised to take over not just Bernanke’s position at the Fed, but his position as a member of an exclusive international cabal of central bankers that meets every two months at a location in Basel, Switzerland, to determine monetary policy for the entire globe.

Members of the BIS hold high financial positions in governments around the world, and the group has been dominated by graduates of MIT. The governments represented by the BIS members together produce more than $51 trillion in gross domestic product annually, or three-fourths of the world’s economic output.

Since 2007, the members of the BIS have been pushing their Keynesian ideas on their respective governments. When recoveries in Europe and the U.S. came up flat, these demagogues simply pushed harder, leading central banks around the globe to pump trillions into government bonds, mortgages and business loans.

The proceedings of the BIS are kept secret, but whatever is discussed among the 19-member board of directors decides economic policy for most of the world, even more than individual administrations’ policies. BIS decisions affect loans, bailouts, gold transfers and economic priorities.

Yellen is currently an alternate to the BIS Board of Directors. Presumably, when Bernanke vacates the Fed he will hand over his BIS seat as well.

Yellen’s Keynesian fanaticism will fit right in at the BIS, and it bodes ill for the future of our country.

Critics have pointed out that the ongoing economic collapse around the globe is inevitable given the Keynesian policies most governments have been following. Many have also made the case that with the collective brainpower available in high-level banking circles, the economic outcomes of Keynesian practices are well known and so recession, depression, inflation and widespread poverty must be the results that actually are intended.

If there is a larger agenda at work, Yellen is in a position to know about it. She has one thing that Bernanke doesn’t, a membership on the Council on Foreign Relations.

The CFR is one of those tools of the globalist New World Order that has been used in recent decades to weaken nations and spread One World ideology.

The CFR, whose membership list is online, carefully vets its members’ globalist sympathies and credentials. CFR members are the sort of people who can get published at will in the New York Times, and whose counsel can sway governments.

The CFR is instrumental in getting world governments to adhere to the policies outlined in the United Nations’ Agenda 21. Many of those policies have been adopted in the U.S. by governments at all levels, from local to federal. Agenda 21 policies are all organized around a scare concept of “sustainability” and affect housing, schooling, health care, agriculture, family planning, land use and many other aspects of daily living.

Among the Agenda 21 goals is the eventual elimination of national borders (as the U.S. is debating with the current amnesty proposals for illegal immigrants) and the creation of a central, One World government.

It’s the ultimate dream of emperors and conquerors throughout the ages, to rule the entire Earth.

All this information about Yellen, the BIS, the CFR and Agenda 21 is available, so obviously the Obama Administration is aware of it.

With the nomination of Yellen to chair the Fed, President Obama is reaffirming his commitment to the values of globalism rather than the values of America’s founding.