Is Obama Planning To Intentionally Incite Food Riots In November?

Gary DeMar pointed out two days ago that the food stamp shut down that occurred over the weekend is a sign of bad things to come. When I read it, I agreed with him.

But I didn’t think he was talking about what might happen in a little over two weeks.

A Utah food pantry obtained a letter that purports to be from the USDA. The local Fox13 news station is treating the letter as a serious story:

The letter says that, “in the interest of preserving maximum flexibility, we are directing states to hold their November issuance files and delay transmission to state electronic benefit transfer vendors until further notice.”

Russia Today has also covered the story, but included other news about how the food stamp program is being reduced in various ways. A gradual small reduction in the amount of money going into the SNAP program or other programs is a completely separate issue from the government freezing all food in one instant that they have trained many Americans to depend upon.

But RT also pointed out how much damage we could see in November:

One in seven – or 47 million – Americans receive SNAP benefits. Around half of those are children and teenagers. Mississippi is the state with the highest number of recipients – 22 percent of its population is enrolled in the program.

If this happens, we are going to see over one fifth of the residents of Mississippi suddenly faced with an end to the government’s food allowance that they have been trained to rely upon.

Whether this disaster occurs or not, it shows  us why the welfare state is a benefit to politicians. It gives them hostages. The government uses welfare to “hide behind civilian targets,” if you will.

Who is hiding behind those poorer and dependent Americans?

Middle class entitlements funded by a Ponzi scheme (Social Security, of course)

A Pentagon that has not passed an audit in years—that has admitted to “losing” multi-trillions of dollars—still gets a budget greater than the next ten nation’s militaries combined.

Yes that is Trillion with a T.

When Justin Amash attempted to defund just one unconstitutional NSA program, the Democrat and Republican leadership joined hands in defending it. The Department of Homeland Security is ever expanding and, last year, joined the Pentagon in being incapable of passing a legal audit.

So people who violate our rights and are unaccountable with vast amounts of money get to keep it while lower class families get their daily meal rations taken away.

I hate the welfare state but those are disgusting priorities. They are designed to manipulate us and intimidate us into submitting to more debt and higher taxes.