Obama Punishes States For Not Participating in Obamacare Exchange Program

A couple weeks ago, I shared with you that a number of Republican governors have opted not to participate in the Obamacare health insurance exchange program.  They cite the huge costs that it would place on already tight state budgets.  A group of GOP governors had written the Obama administration asking for instructions on the exchange program, but the federal government has never responded and never furnished guidelines or rules for the states to follow.

Virginia Gov. Robert McDonnell commented on the situation saying:

“Republican governors would rather do things at the state level, rather than have the federal government do it, but the problem is we’ve been asking for months in writing for information and the rule-making to give us the information about how the state and federal exchanges are going to be set up. And we still have a great absence of information.”

“If they’re not going to provide the information . . . the only thing to do is to default and let the federal government set it up.  Either way, you comply with the law.”

“It’s a great concern with already an over-burdensome Medicaid program that is killing most governors’ budgets around the country, so we want to know what we’re getting into. If there’s no answers, we’re going to have a federal exchange. I can’t recommend that we set [a state exchange] up in Virginia.”

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer joined 16 other GOP governors stating that the federal exchange program is too expensive and too risky.

Under Obamacare, the federal government will be forced to set the exchange program for any state that fails to comply.  Even though the states have until Dec. 14 to accept or reject the federal health insurance exchange program and considering the fact that the feds have yet to provide any instructions on how the states are supposed to implement such a program, the Obama administration is already announcing a penalty for failure to comply.

That penalty that the federal government will charge the insurance company will be a 3.5% surcharge on all premiums for every health insurance policy sold in the states that fail to comply.  You don’t think the insurance companies will just eat that 3.5% penalty surcharge, do you?  Naw, everyone in those states will see that added to their premiums.

No matter what anyone tries to do to protect us from Obamacare, the White House will do everything in their power to rape us of all of our money, freedom and dignity.  By 2016, we will be a nation of an elite few and several hundred million oppressed poor people who be standing in lines waiting for government handouts.  This IS Obama’s plan and he is well on his way of making it happen.