Obama Sticks a Toe Into Iraq

President Obama has been such a laggard on the subject of Iraq that the joke just the other day claimed that he was sending in troops, but they were Iranian.

Now, he really is sending in the troops, a whopping 275 of them. Rather, that’s “as many as up to” 275, which could mean fewer.

And they’re not going in to set anything to rights, just provide cover fire for fleeing embassy personnel.

Let’s hope that if they need to call for backup, no one at the White House gives a stand-down order to nearby bases, as happened in Benghazi.

In addition to the 275 insufficiently armed lambs to the slaughter, Secretary of State John “I Served in Vietnam” Kerry assures us, the White House is thinking about maybe, perhaps in a few days, should the weather cooperate (global warming, ya know), sending in a drone or two.

(Of course, it might have been nice to send in a fleet of drones while ISIS was on the open road instead of waiting till they get entrenched in a city.)

Our veterans fought hard to give Iraq a chance to become a full-fledged democracy. They have nothing to be ashamed of.

The shame and the blame falls entirely on the diplomats and bureaucrats (including under Bush, but mostly Obama) who let the al-Maliki government run wild.

The White House had years to set the Iraqi government right. The basic structure for successful democracy was there, the people of Iraq, while unfamiliar with democracy, were willing to learn. A few strategic arrests by our troops and military trials of the most corrupt bureaucrats, backed up by a continued military presence, would have done wonders in straightening out the government.

Other writers have pointed out that the corruption of al-Maliki’s government helped pave the way for today’s violence and the collapse of the country, and they are correct.

However, the largest factor in the fall of Iraq is the sluggish, incompetent/insane/evil (pick one) Obama, who released the now head of ISIS in 2009, announced his plans to abandon Iraq then pulled out our troops — against the advice of nearly everybody with military experience or even half a brain — when Iraq was still in need of a firm hand.

As veteran J.R. Salzman tweeted, “I did not get an arm blown off in Baghdad so you could sit on your ass and watch Iraq fall, @BarackObama. I did my job. DO YOUR JOB.”

Liberals like to cite the troop agreement negotiated with Iraq by the Bush Administration in 2008 to withdraw U.S. troops by December 31, 2011. (See? It had to be Bush’s fault.)

There are several problems with assigning blame to Bush under this theory. One, Obama was commander in chief in 2011, and as he has boasted, he has a pen and a phone that allow him to do whatever the hell he wants.

In more legal terms, the agreement with Iraq required that the U.S. (meaning the Administration) determine that Iraq must be capable of defending itself before the agreement could be enforced. Obama either did not do so, or did not do so properly, as is obvious from current events.

The agreement also requires that if Iraq is threatened, the U.S. must step in to end the threat, which Obama is not doing.

Third, the agreement allows either side to terminate the agreement at any time, which Obama clearly should have done.

So, that’s two violations of treaty law by Obama, and at least one total shirking of responsibility.

In fact, by sending in only a handful of troops just to cover evacuation of the embassy, Obama is violating that troop agreement at this very moment.

Not to mention that 275 troops, even well-armed U.S. troops, wouldn’t stand a chance against an entire army of blood-mad al-Qaida.

It’s not a troop deployment, it’s a parade on the way to a suicide mission.

Those men and women’s only chance will be if they get in, evacuate the civilians, and hightail it back home. Any lingering can prove fatal.

There are always going to be many factors in the fall of an entire country. But from most angles of viewing, there is one factor that looms largest in the fall of Iraq: Obama.

As Salzman said to the president in another tweet, “You said you were proud of our sacrifices. So why did you throw them away?”


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