Obama-Supporting Bus Driver Tells Student He Should’ve Been Aborted for Supporting Romney

A woman school bus driver got fired recently for telling a student passenger that his mother should have aborted him. This seems like it should be somewhat big news taking into account what’s considered “big news” these days, until you find out what the context was.

The bus driver had been harassing the student because he had a Romney/Ryan sign in his front yard. At some point, the subject of abortion was brought up during their political arguments, and the 12-year-old boy mentioned that Obama was pro-abortion. The 78-year-old driver responded, “Maybe your mom should have chosen abortion for you.” This obviously upset the boy and his mother, who took the matter to the driver’s employer Durham School Services and its manager. The manager apologized and issued a statement, confirming that the driver was let go for her “insensitive and inappropriate” comments to the student. I think telling someone that his mother should have murdered him before he was even born is a bit more than just “insensitive and inappropriate,” but that’s just me.

This isn’t likely to make any headlines anywhere in the mainstream media, much like Dr. Ron Virmani’s comments about aborting “ugly, black babies.” Can you imagine if a Romney- supporting bus driver told an Obama-supporting student that he should have been aborted? That would be a national scandal that would feed right into the racial divisiveness that Obama claims to be trying to settle.

It would be the perfect narrative for Chris Matthews, Rachel Maddow and Al Sharpton to tell for the next several weeks. It would be the next best thing since the Trayvon Martin story, which had to be doctored to make Martin out to be a victim of a white-on-black hate crime. Never mind the fact that Zimmerman is Latino, and that he never even mentioned Martin’s race until a 911 operator asked him specifically about it for description purposes. And even then, he wasn’t sure. But it didn’t matter. It made for a great story that only divided blacks and whites even more.

There was another incident recently that involved a bus driver. I don’t think politics were involved, but it involved race. There’s video footage showing a group of black kids getting off the bus, and one of them decides for no apparent reason to sucker punch the old, white bus driver in the face. It knocked him unconscious.

These aren’t isolated events. They’re just not publicized in the media. The media choose the stories, fabricated or not, that make blacks look like victims of white violence. All this does is make blacks more angry about all the “violent white people” and white people more angry that the media ignore all the other cases. And to top it off, liberals in the media and political arena get to tell whites and conservatives that we’re all a bunch of racists, and the viewers fall for it.

Obama’s re-election largely depends on the notion that blacks really are all victims in some way of white violence. Obama posits himself as the solution to all of blacks’ problems and gets to talk about wanting racial harmony, but he doesn’t really want that. If both blacks and whites decided to pay more attention to each other’s “content of character” and less on each other’s skin color, it would surely cost Obama a second term.