Obama on Syria: We Must Act … at Some Point

In “All the President’s Men,” there was a great phrase used to describe political doublespeak: “non-denial denial.”

We should add to that “non-decision decision,” which is what President Obama has just made on the matter of Syria and the alleged nerve gassing of a thousand citizens.

The president has decided that Syria is responsible for the attack, despite evidence to the contrary and widespread foreign and domestic disbelief, and the U.S. needs to bomb Syria to express our displeasure.

The president has even said he will go ahead and include Congress in the blame – er, decision — by following the procedure outlined in the Constitution and letting them be the ones to declare war, even though Obama has the authority to do whatever the hell he wants whenever he wants, without Congress, because the Constitution is a living document that has to change with the times, and the Founding Fathers didn’t know about chemical weapons, blah blah blah, and Obama is God’s vicar, blah blah blah, it’s all Bush’s fault those nonexistent WMDs are turning up in Syria, blah blah ad infinitum vomitus redux. …

Anyhoo … suddenly Syria isn’t a time-sensitive issue and can wait until Congress comes back from recess, and the delay has nothing to do with the snub we got from Britain and the U.N. and most of our erstwhile allies who are supposed to just bow before Obama.

With each passing day, it becomes more and more obvious even to the willfully blind that Obama is a puppet of greater forces than the presidency, and an increasingly ineffectual one at that.

The Left will forever complain about the Iraq war, but the fact remains that in Iraq, we were fighting al-Qaeda, an organization that had murdered thousands of Americans, and the battlezone we picked was the country of a man who had for the previous decade thumbed his nose at international law.

In Syria, we are siding with the murderers of our people against a country whose leader, while not a nice guy, has not directly attacked or threatened the United States.

To paraphrase Ricky Ricardo, Lefties you got some ‘splainin’ to do.