Obama: Tolerance Isn’t Enough; We Must LIKE Homosexuality

The April unemployment numbers came out yesterday—7.5 percent, the lowest in President Obama’s entire presidency—and because it’s probably all you will have read about since then, on that topic I will only say that despite the official unemployment rate being lower than when Obama took office, more people are now without a job. This is the grand, ironic illusion we’re being sold as a recovery.

Getting that out of the way, onward to more pressing matters: Jason Collins, the “heroic” NBA player who couldn’t keep it in the bedroom and announced that he liked to have sex with men. Much has been made about Obama’s public pronouncement of pride in Collins, but I haven’t read any analysis on one of Obama’s remarks in particular.

Speaking before the press, Obama said, in part, “The LGBT community deserves full equality, not just partial equality; not just tolerance, but a recognition that they are fully a part of the American family.”

Not just tolerance? Thirteen months ago, Obama himself was merely tolerant of homosexuals. He did not recognize that their disposition to sodomy granted them any right to what for centuries on this continent and millennia on others has traditionally been called marriage.

Then, a month later, almost a year ago to this day, an observant adviser made the timely realization that some of Obama’s biggest donations to his last election effort were from homosexuals and LGBT groups. And thus he decided it was time for his evolution, willing himself into Super Barack, the next step in his evolutionary process, coming to full bloom to stand on equal ground with the other loyally left-wing.

What is good for Obama is good for the rest of us. When he was merely tolerant of homosexuals, he did not insist the rest of us be anything more than tolerant. Now that he apparently has unwavering support for those in the LGBT community, he requires the rest of us also support them. We must be like him. It is no longer enough to tolerate homosexuality; we must now recognize and accept it as familial. We must allow them into our lives and be their friends.

Methinks Obama has inadvertently revealed himself to have once been a kindergarten teacher.